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Instruction and Workshop Services for Instructors and Students

Instruction and Workshop Services for Instructors and Students

Instruction and Workshop Services for Instructors and Students


Bring your classes to the library for an instruction session where they will learn about:

  1. Choosing the right databases for their research
  2. Available resources in the library
  3. Access to resources from other UC campuses
  4. The library catalog
  5. The difference between scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles and magazines
  6. Search tips and tricks to improve results
  7. And much more!

-All of our classes are tailored to the needs of you and your students.


We also offer workshops throughout the quarter. Some of our most popular include:    

  1. Discover Rivera Library (basic library information)
  2. Citation Software (Zotero, EndNote)
  3. Library Tours
  4. Tours of Special Collections and Archives
  5. And many more!

-If there is a workshop that is not included here, you may request one.

What is the difference between an instruction session and a workshop?

*Instruction session: An instructor schedules a session to bring in his/her class to the library. The session is specific to that class.

*Workshop: These are sessions are for all students, staff and faculty! Workshops are offered throughout the year. Individuals can view and sign-up via our workshop page. If you want the library to offer a specific workshop, let us know, there might be others interested in the same topic. You can also schedule a tour of the library.  

To schedule an instruction session or sign-up for a workshop, visit our Instruction & Workshops page.

For more information please contact us:


-Norma J. Durian, Rivera Library, normajuarez.durian@ucr.edu, (951)827-3231

-Julie Mason, Orbach Science Library, Julie.mason@ucr.edu, (951)827-2817


-Krista Ivy, krista.ivy@ucr.edu, (951)827-2642

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