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Pages starting with "F"

F.M. Busby papers
Facts and Figures
Faculty Assessment
Faculty Reserve Request for Library-Owned Materials - Music
Fairfax family engravings
FCC Media Ownership Rules
Fellows Spotlight
Fellows Spotlight (Archive)
Fellowship Coverage
Ferdinand Anton's m-report article
Fifty Years of Research
Film / Media Studies
Finals Week Stress Relief
Find Articles
Find Book Reviews
Find Books
Find Course-Related Materials
Find Data
Find Government Information
Find Journals and other Periodicals
Find Magazine, Newspapers and Trade Journal Articles
Finding Articles
Finding DVDs, VHS, and Audio Tapes
Finding Ethnographies
Finding Ethnographies in the Library
Finding Exam Guides
Finding Music and Scores
Finding music theses and dissertations from other institutions
Finding Patents and Trademarks
Finding Popular Magazines and Newspapers in the Rivera Library
Finding Research Articles from Anywhere
Finding Resources for the CEE Design Project
Finding Things in the Library
Finding UCR Engineering Dissertations
Finding Water Quality Information at UCR
Finding Websites
Fine Presses: A Guideline for Catalogers
Fines and Fees
Floor Maps and Call Numbers
Floorplan & Photo Tour
Floyd D. Young papers
Folder 1: Theory and Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Folder 3: Selection of Medical Anthropology Resources
Folder 4: List of Chinese Herbs
Food and Sustainability
Forgotten realms
Formatting for Campus Addresses
Formatting for Standard Notes
Formatting Rules
Formattting for Standard Messages
Fossil Fuels
Fran├žois Pierre Guizot correspondence
Franciscus van Sterbeeck: Citricultura ..., 1682
Frank Adams, 1875-1967
Fred Patten collection on Science Fiction and Animation
Frederick F. Halma papers
Free Credit Reports
Freshman Discovery Seminar Fall 2005"Science at the Leading Edge"
Friends of the Santa Ana River: About
Friends of the Santa Ana River: Comments
Friends of the Santa Ana River: Index
Friends of the Santa Ana River: Links
Friends of the Santa Ana River: Meetings and Events
Friends of the Santa Ana River: Photos of Seven Oaks Dam
Friends of the Santa Ana River: Prado Dam
Friends of the UCR Library
Future Librarian & Information Science Mentor Program
Futuristics : Innovative Transportation and Maritime Designs
Futuristics: Innovative Transportation and Maritime Designs

General Campus Information

University of California, Riverside
900 University Ave.
Riverside, CA 92521
Tel: (951) 827-1012
UCR Career Opportunities
Library Job Opportunities

UCR Library Information

Directions / Mailing Addresses
Tomás Rivera Library: (951) 827-3220
Orbach Science Library: (951) 827-3701
Music Library: (951) 827- 3137
Multimedia Library: (951) 827-5606

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