The Bible as Literature

Finding analysis and criticques of the Biblical stories as works of literature can be tricky.  Keep in mind that there is a fine line between viewing these stories through the lens of theology and viewing these stories through the literary lens; in your research, you will likely find both, and you will need to distinguish between the two views. Books will be somewhat easier to find than journal articles. 

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Bible in Literature
Bible as Literature
Bible and Literature
Jesus Christ in Literature
Bible. O.T. Genesis -- Criticism, Interpretation, Etc.
Bible. N.T. Gospels -- Criticism, Interpretation, Etc.

Harold Bloom is an author who has written extensively about the Bible as literature.  Try this as a keyword search in the library catalog:

harold bloom bible

MLA International Bibliography

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Bible and (creation or Adam or Eve)
Bible and Lot*
(Christ or Jesus) and temptation

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Bible as Literature

Some Suggested Reference Books:

Thematic Guide to Biblical Literature.   Rivera Ref PN 56 .B5 T57 2007
A Dictionary of Biblical Tradition in English Literature.  Rivera Ref PR 149 .B5 D53 1992
Allusions -- Cultural, Literary, Biblical, and Historical: a Thematic Dictionary.  Rivera Ref PN 43 .A4 1986
The Bible as Literature: a Selective Bibliography  Rivera Z 7770 .G68x

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