Der Ziegelbrenner, 1917-1921

Der Ziegelbrenner, 1917-1921

Ziegelbrenner [Brick Burner] was not only the name of this revolutionary periodical, it was the name the writer, editor and publisher gave himself, both in the journal as he answered readers' letters and in his rare public appearances.

In the handbill advertisement below, the Ziegelbrenner promises to bring, "in its irregularly published issues: essays on politics, commercial policy, the economy, political philosophy and sociology as well as aesthetic contributions, book reviews, theater reviews and marginalia on controversies of the day." 


  Ziegelbrenner Ad

Ziegelbrenner advertisement and subscription information

Ziegelbrenner issue 1

The first issue, of September 1, 1917

  Ziegelbrenner issue 2

With the second issue, Marut began to number his periodical for his subscribers. This one even bears the notation: 2nd edition. His critical commentaries, originally titled "Marginalia on Our Times and Our Contemporaries" have now become "Bricks from the Kiln."


From 1919 to 1921, the Ziegelbrenner was on the run. But Marut continued to publish whenever and wherever he could. The above note was probably laid into several of the later issues that went out to subscribers and book dealers.

"Appeal ... to the friends of the Ziegelbrenner. Whoever can and wishes to do something in a material sense for the Ziegelbrenner or for its editor, and whoever believes they can offer a safe and secure sanctuary either in a city or in the country, is asked to convey this in a letter (not a postcard) addressed to: Rich. Lànyi, Bookseller (Dept. Ziegel), Wien I, Kärntnerstr. 44. Some of the letters are opened at the border by German authorities, for which reason the helpful friends are asked only to indicate whether the communication concerns a subscription or an offer of help."


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