Cataloging/Metadata Services Five-Year Goals

Cataloging/Metadata Services Five-Year Goals

University of California, Riverside Libraries
Cataloging/Metadata Services Department

Goals for the Next Five Years
Manuel Urrizola
April 18, 2008 

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In support of the educational and research mission of the UCR Libraries and the University of California, Riverside, and in support of the educational and research needs of the faculty, librarians, students, staff, and community of UC Riverside, the Cataloging & Metadata Services defines these goals for the next five years:

  • Rush catalog all requests from faculty, librarians, students, and staff within 48 hours.
  • Catalog all resources purchased on approval, firm order, standing order, or subscription in a timely manner—on average 2 to 7 days from date of receipt in the Cataloging Dept. for copy and 1 to 2 weeks for original.
  • Catalog the Thai Collection in 1 to 2 years.
  • Reduce backlog collections by 90%.
  • Implement WorldCat Local pilot.
  • If WorldCat Local pilot is successful, use WorldCat Local for access to SCP monograph records.
  • Implement reclamation project to have all of our holdings updated in OCLC.
  • Begin creating holdings records in OCLC.
  • Begin creating institutional records in OCLC.
  • Adopt metadata schema for UCR Libraries digital collections.
  • Catalog all archives so as to be represented in both Scotty and OCLC/WorldCat.
  • Take on all cataloging-related tasks now performed by Systems staff, including Millennium tasks and record loads.
  • Become a NACO library and contribute name authorities to OCLC.
  • Train staff in authority control, basic serials, and all cataloging tools.
  • Implement recommendations of UC's Bibliographic Services Task Force report.
  • Implement recommendations of the Library of Congress's report on the Future of Bibliographic Control.
  • Move toward Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Resources model, balancing intellectual and creative content versus physical or digital format.
  • Extend project positions for at least 3 more years or turn into permanent positions.
  • Hire additional catalogers with subject and language expertise (required) and cataloging experience (desired).
  • Provide opportunities for and support the professional development of catalogers.
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