Controversial Issues

Controversial Issues

Background Information - Sample Resources
Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics: (Rivera Ref - BJ63 E53 1998)
Four volume set covering a wide range of topics. Gives historical background of, and the philosophical arguments for and against, positions on various issues.

Encyclopedia of Bioethics: (Rivera Ref - QH332 .E52 1995)
Covers medical topics, such as abortion and euthanasia, from an ethical perspective. Has an annual supplement, Bibliography of Bioethics (Ref Z6675 E8B5).

Encyclopedia of Social Issues:(Rivera Ref -  "Controversial Topics" bookshelves - HN57 .E59 1997)
6 volume set covering wide variety of current concerns.  Check the index for complete access.
Resources Containing Multiple Viewpoints 
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center: (Rivera Ref - "Controversial Topics" bookshelves)
This series of books, produced by Greenhaven Press, explores controversial topics from many viewpoints. Individual titles in the series can be found by selecting title in SCOTTY the UCR Library Catalog and typing "opposing viewpoints."

Taking Sides series: (Rivera Ref - "Controversial Topics" bookshelves)
A series containing clashing views on controversial issues. Each volume contains a background introduction of the issue, a postscript, summary of the essays, and well developed essays on each side of a controversial issue. The individual titles in the series can be found by selecting title in SCOTTY the Library Catalog and typing "taking sides."

Contemporary World Issues series: (Rivera Ref - "Controversial Topics" bookshelves)
This series gives analysis of contemporary topics. Each volume includes historical background and current developments on the topic. The individual titles in the series can be found by selecting title in SCOTTY the UCR Library Catalog and typing in "contemporary world issues."

CQ Researcher: (Rivera Ref - "Controversial Topics" bookshelves (H35 E352) - print and online)
An issue or trend is covered in each issue featuring multiple viewpoints and a bibliography.

Congressional Digest
(Latest in Gov Pubs Ref - JK1 .C63)
Each issue covers one topic and includes an overview, the legislative background, and pro and con positions from members of Congress and other parties. 
Supreme Court Debates: (Gov Pubs Ref - KF4546 .A3 S86)
Each issue outlines a current Supreme Court case with excerpts of lower court ruling, the briefs, and the oral argument transcripts.  Indexed in PAIS International.  
Find books AND periodical titles and whether they're checked out.
Keyword: gay marriage*
Subject: same sex marriage (No hits? Try "Search as Words")
Title: What is marriage for?
See for more tips.

Academic Search Complete:
Citations to scholarly and general-interest articles, many with full text, on a wide range of subjects. Coverage begins in 1980.
Keyword(s): violence media

Retrieve fewer articles:
Apply limits: Articles with text, Refereed publications, Date, etc.
Modify Search: add more keywords - violence media AND children, Editorial, etc.
Subject: Use their subject terminology - Violence in Mass Media
Retrieve more articles:
Use synonyms: violence OR aggression
Wildcards: violen* (retrieves violent, violence, etc.)
ACADEMIC via LexisNexis
Access to a wide range of news, business, legal, and reference information.  Contains citations, abstracts, and many full-text articles. Coverage of sources varies. 

Keyword(s): animal rights

Retrieve fewer articles:
Specify dates
Modify Search: add more keywords (experimentation); use phrases enclosed in double-quote marks ("animal rights")

Retrieve more articles:

Use synonyms: violence OR aggression
Wildcards: violen! (retrieves violent, violence, etc.)
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