Bobbs-Merrill Reprint Series in Anthropology

Bobbs-Merrill Reprint Series in Anthropology
Herskovits, Melville J.  Process of Cultural Change Science of Man in the World Crisis GN8 .L5 A-114
Hockett, Charles F. Biophysics, Linguistics and the Unity of Science American Scientist Vol 36 1948 Q1 .A59  A-115
Hodgen, Margaret T. Similarities and Dated Distributions American Anthropologist v. 52 1950 A-116
Law and Anthropology Virginia Law Review 32, 1946 A-117
Hoijer, Harry Introduction Linguistic Structures of Native America GN2 .V53 no.6 1946 A-118
Holmberg, Allan R. Adventures in Cultural Change Method and Perspective in Anthropology GN8 .S64 A-119
Howell, F. Clark Pleistocene Glacial Ecology and the Evolution of "Classic Neanderthal" Man Southwestern Journal of Anthropology v. 8 Winter 1952 A-120
Howell, F. Clark The Evolutionary Significance of Variation and Varieties of "Neanderthal Man" The Quarterly Review of Biology V. 32 December 1957 A-121
Hsu, Francis L. Incentives to Work in Primitive Communities American Sociological Review v. VIII Dec. 1943 A-122
Huxley, Julian S.  Evolution, cultural and Biological Yearbook of Anthropology 1955 or 1956 A-123
Hymes, Dell H. Functions of Speech: An Evolutionary Approach Anthropology and Education LC191 .G79 A-124
Hymes, Dell H. Genetic Classification: Retrospect and Prospect Anthropological Linguistics v. 1 Feb. 1959 A-125
Hymes, Dell H. Lexicostatistics So Far Current Anthropology v. 1 Jan 1960 A-126
Kirchhoff, Paul The Principles of Clanship in human Society Davidson Journal of Anthropology v. 1 Summer 1955 SRLF A-128
Klineberg, Otto Race and Psychology Unesco Series : The Race Question in Modern Science BF731 .K52 A-129
Kluckhohn, Clyde Covert Culture and Administrative Problems American Anthropologist 45 1947 A-130
Kluckhohn, Clyde "Culture and Personality": A conceptual Scheme American Anthropologist 46 1944 A-131
Kluckhohn, Clyde The Conceptual Structure in Middle American Studies The Maya and their Neighbors 1940 GN564.M3 M39 1940 A-132
Krige, Jacob Daniel Social Function of Witchcraft Theoria v. 1 1947/Witchcraft and Sorcery Marwick BF1563 .W555 1986 A-134
Kroeber, A. L.  History and Science in Anthropology American Anthropologist V 37 1935 A-136
Kroeber, A. L.  On the Principle of Order in civilization as Exemplified by Changes of Fashion American Anthropologist V 21 1919 A-137
Kroeber, A. L.  Stimulus Diffusion American Anthropologist V 42 1940 A-138
Lattimore, Owen The Steppes of Mongolia and the Characteristics of Steppe Nomadism Inner Asian Frontiers of China 2nd Ed. 1951 G3 .A51 no.21 1940 A-139
Being and Value in Primitive Culture The Journal of Philosophy V. XLVI June 23 1949 A-140
Lees, Robert Review: Syntactic Structures by Noam Chomsky Language v. 33 Jul-Sept, 1957 A-141
Lenneberg, Eric H. Language, Evolution, and Purposive Behavior Culture in History: Essays in Honor of Paul Radin GN325 .D53 A-142
Libby, W.F.  Radiocarbon Dating Science v. 133 march 1961 A-143
An-Che, Li Zuni: Some Observations and Queries The American Anthropologist V. 39, 1937 A-144
Linton, Ralph Nativistic Movements The American Anthropologist V. 45, 1943 A-146
Linton, Ralph One Hundred Per Cent American The American Mercury, v. XL, 1937 AP2 .A45  A-147
Livingstone, Frank B. Anthropological Implications of Sickle Cell Gene Distribution in West Africa The American Anthropologist v. 60 June 1958 A-148
Mead, Margaret Native Languages as Field-work tools The American Anthropologist v. 41, 1939 A-150
The Primitive Economics of the Trobriand Islanders The Economic Journal, vol. XXXI, March 1921 A-151
Mandelbaum, David G.  Culture Change Among the Nilgiri Tribes The American Anthropologist v. 43 Jan-Mar, 1941 A-152
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