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Print Journal Cancellation Project - Final Review

In May through June 2008, the Libraries polled UCR faculty and the campus community regarding cancelling duplicate paper subscriptions of online journals for 316 journals titles. The results of the survey were as follows:

  • 47 journals on the cancellation list received 2 or more requests to be kept or were very inexpensive. These 47 titles have been removed from the print cancellation candidate list and will be renewed for 2009. Click here to see the retention list.
  • 236 journals received no votes from faculty to retain duplicate paper copies of journals available online. These titles will be cancelled, saving the Libraries $131,733 for other collection investments. Click here to see the cancellation list.
  • 33 journals on the paper subscription cancellation list were requested for retention by only 1 faculty member. Many of these titles are expensive and retaining both paper and electronic copies will cost the library an additional $24,000 during 2009 and beyond. If you strongly feel that the Libraries should retain any of the 33 duplicate paper titles for which only 1 faculty member requested retention, please respond via the form below by September 2, 2008 or contact Lizbeth Langston langston@ucr.edu; or at 2-3529.

To view and vote on retention of the 33 duplicate print journal titles requiring additional review:

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We very much appreciate your input into finalizing the serials review process and your support of our goals to further refine the Libraries' assessment strategies to contain serials costs.