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The following sites may be useful to those in non-profits (501c3, non-profit associations, Indian Tribes, etc.)

California Incentives for Renewable Energy
From the DSIRE database, a comprehensive list of California state, local and utility incentives, rebates, loans, grants and other sources of funding to promote renewable energy. Environmental Education Grants
EPA&quo;s Education Grants for educational programs for the environment.Site has application forms, fact sheets, FAQ&quo;s, and contact information. EPA Grants and Debarment
Mandatory Grant&quo;s Management Training for Non-Profit Applicants and Recipients course is designed to help the non-profits understand the process and agreements. This class is mandatory upon reciept of money actions.Links to resources. Golden Field Office Business Opportunities
"The Golden Field Office (Golden) is an organization within the Department of Energy&quo;s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). Golden works directly with industry, academia, states and local governments in partnerships to further the development and commercialization of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies." This site provides links to funding and contracting opportunities. Grants.gov
Grants.gov "allows organizations to electronically find and apply for competitive grant opportunities from all Federal grant-making agencies." It lists more than 900 grants from 26 Federal agencies. The grant data base is searchable by agency, funding instrument type, funding activity category, CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) number, Funding Opportunity Number or by key words. Downloadable applications packages are available. Loan Guarantee Program
"The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct05) authorizes the U.S. Department of Energy to issue loan guarantees to eligible projects that &quo;avoid, reduce, or sequester air pollutants or anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases&quo; and &quo;employ new or significantly improved technologies.&quo;" This section of the DOE&quo;s website provides information about currently open loan solicitations, if any, and how to apply for them. Office of Science: Grants and Contracts Web Site
This is a single access point for over 1,000 grant programs offered by 26 Federal grant making agencies. Public and Indian Housing
HUD provides grants to tribes and other Indian entities through ICDBG, Indian Community Development Block Grants or IHBG, Indian Housing Block Grant Program. Public-Sector Funding
This section of the DOE&quo;s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Inventions and Innovation Program, is a guide to understanding public-sector funding. It explains various forms of assistance, for example grants, loans and equity investments, and provides a simple tutorial on the preparation necessary to apply for such assistance. While written with the innovator/inventor in mind, the information is useful to any inexperienced grant/loan seeker. Tribal Energy Program
The Department of Energy&quo;s Tribal Energy Program "promotes tribal energy efficiency, economic growth and employment on tribal lands through the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies." The Program provides financial and technical assistance, as well as education and training. USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grants
The RBEG program provides grants for rural projects that finance and facilitate development of small and emerging rural businesses, help fund distance learning networks and employment related adult education programs and business development.
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