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Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Combustion Processes : Library of Congress Science Tracer Bullet

Library of Congress research guide directs you to books, Web sites, and other information resources "on alternative fuel vehicles and includes electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and personal transportation vehicles, as well as the technology of fuel economy and alternative fuels." Resources on advanced autoignition and lean-burn combustion processes for improving engine fuel economy are also listed. Includes brief introduction, lists of resources, and strategies for finding additional resources.

Alternative Fuels : PBS NewsHour

From PBS's NewsHour, background reports on search for "alternative fuels such as ethanol, natural gas and hydrogen to improve fuel economy, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and transition from foreign to domestically produced fuels." Includes "How Does Your Car Stack Up?" with data on car models' fuel costs per year and tons of CO2 tailpipe emissions per year.

Alternative Fuels and Alternative Vehicles Data Center

From the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). More than 3000 (research) documents and several interactive tools covering ... alternative transportation fuels, alternative fuel vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, idle reduction technologies, fuel blends, and fuel economy. Includes "an alternative fuels station locator and route mapper, current lists of available alternative fuel vehicles, online decision-making tools, and links to related Web sites."

Annual Energy Review

The Annual Energy Review presents historical (1949 to present) energy statistics. United States energy consumption, production, trade, and prices are included. Data are presented as statistical tables, as spreadsheets, and as graphs.

Arizona Solar Center, Your Source for Solar Energy Information

A site dedicated to educating people about various solar technologies and how they may be used. An entire section is devoted to teaching solar energy in the classroom with information for students and teachers. Other sections discuss the benefits and incentives to using solar energy and the economics of solar energy. While much of the information on this site is specific to Arizona, there is information here that can be useful to anyone.


The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) is the national trade association representing the biodiesel industry as the coordinating body for research and development in the United States. The Biodiesel site provides information about biodiesel (mono-alkyl esters [derivatives of fats and oils]) with reports, press releases, fact sheets, streaming media, and biodiesel basics.

Biodiesel and Ethanol Investing

This site is an aggregator for news and trends in the biodiesel industry.They provide detailed summaries of the latest relevant articles from around the web and general information on biodiesel as well.

Bioenergy Information Network

Gateway to information about fast growing trees, grasses, and residues for fuels and power. "The OFD funds research and analyses on liquid and gaseous fuels produced from dedicated energy crops such as grasses and fast-growing short-rotation trees. The projects focus on the domestic production, recovery, and conversion of these feedstocks to economically priced, environmentally beneficial fuels such as ethanol, methanol and biodiesel." Sponsored by the United States Department of Energy.

BioPower Program

BioPower - creating electricity from biomass - is one of the most promising of the emerging renewable energy technologies. The BioPower web site, sponsored by DOE's Biomass Power Program, offers access to complete information on biomass power, ranging from the latest developments and photos of biopower projects for the media to technical reports for scientists to a general explanation of the technology.

California Energy Commission

This site is the home page for the California Energy Commission. It contains information about energy production and use in California as well as information about the California Energy Commission and its activities.

California Planning and Conservation League : PCL

The Planning and Conservation League (PCL) is a non-profit 501 (c) (4) lobbying organization working to enact and implement policies which protect and restore the California environment. The PCL views global warming as one of the most critical issues facing California and, as such, promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

California Solar Initiative

California Solar Initiative(CSI )coordinated with the California Energy Commission to manage a "10 YEAR ,$400 million incentive program" for producing electricity

Canadian Renewable Fuels Association : CRFA

The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) works "to promote renewable fuels for automotive transportation and government liaison activities." In addition to information about biodiesel and ethanol, the CRFA website contains several downloadable newsletters, related news, and a collection of related links.

Consumer Energy Center, California Energy Commission

The California Energy Commission presents tips and information for the consumer on energy use, energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy.

Consumer energy information is presented in these categories:
---choices at home and work (homes; office and commercial; schools; industry, agriculture, and water)
---transportation choices (conventional vehicles; alternative fuel vehicles; mass transit; rail; ride sharing; bicycles; walking; telecommuting)
---renewable energy choices
---your energy bill (understanding your bill, help with your bill, choosing your electric service provider)

Consumer Energy Information - Energy Information for Your Home

This U.S. Department of Energy site offers an index to articles about products and ways to save energy in your home.

Energy and Natural Resources : Congressional Budget Office

Full-texts of selected Congressional Budget Office publications on the budgetary and economic aspects of U.S. federal government energy and natural resources programs, policies, and legislation.
Coverage: 1977 to present

Energy Consumption Surveys, U.S. Energy Information Administration

The U.S. Energy Information Administration presents reports, tables, and data files from energy consumption surveys:
---Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS)
---Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS)
---Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey (MECS)
---Residential Transportation Energy Consumption Survey (RTECS)

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network

A comprehensive resource from the U.S. Department of Energy. Articles and data about what is new in the energy fields of building technologies, energy management, solar energy technologies as well as wind, hydropower, geothermal, hydrogen, fuel cells and infrastructure technologies.

Energy Resources: Nuclear power

Site describes the nature of power, advantages and disadvantages of each type of power, how it works and discusses if it is renewable.

Energy Savers : A Consumer's Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network presents extensive information for the consumer on energy use, energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy sources.

Energy.gov : Transportation

Info on U.S. Department of Energy's on development of alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles, and alternative fuel infrastructure.

Evaluation of alternative models and methods for prediction of hydropower resources in California and the Pacific Northwest: PIER final project report /

An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission.

Fuel Economy Site, EPA and DoE

The joint EPA and DoE Fuel Economy page offers information on fuel economy of cars, minivans, and pickup trucks for 1985 to current model year. Includes:
--- EPA mileage estimates along with estimated annual fuel cost and annual greenhouse gas emissions estimate
---EPA Fuel Economy Guide
---Links to safety info and crash test results for individual vehicle models
---Links to local gas prices

Geothermal Energy : Library of Congress Science Tracer Bullet

Library of Congress research guide helps you locate books, Web sites, and other information on geothermal energy. Includes brief introduction, lists of resources, and strategies for finding additional resources.

Government actions and innovation in clean energy technologies: the cases of photovoltaic cells, solar thermal electric power, and solar water heating: PIER project report /

An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission.

International Geothermal Association : IGA

The International Geothermal Association's mission is "to encourage research, development and utilization of geothermal resources worldwide through the compilation, publication and dissemination of scientific and technical data and information, both within the community of geothermal specialists and between geothermal specialists and the general public." Members come from 49 countries. The site includes tables of "Worldwide production of electricity from geothermal sources" and a "Clickable Map project," with data on geothermal energy development in each country.

International Petroleum Monthly

International Petroleum Monthly presents statistical data on world oil: production, net imports, demand, stocks, and balance.
Oil production statistics are by producing country for recent months and annual for 1970 to present.
Net oil imports statistics are for imports to OECD countries. Statistics are for recent months and annual for 1989 to present.
Oil demand statistics are for OECD and are for recent months and annual (varies from 1990, 1996, and 1970 to present).
Oil stocks statistics are for OECD countries for end of month (recent) and end of year (varies from 1973, 1990, or 1996 to present)
Oil balance statistics are for OECD countries and for non-OECD countries for recent months and for years from 1996 to present.

NASA World Wind

An open source NASA software package with images of Earth from Landsat satellites and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data. The software includes weather data, temperatures, country borders, cities, and 3D images. Manual is provided at the site, as well as a wiki for documentation and troubleshooting. The software runs only on the Windows operating system.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The site features updates and publications about research and development programs in areas such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and hydrogen and fuel cells. Also includes materials about applying technologies in building, transportation, and infrastructure. NREL is "the nation's primary laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency R&D."

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Publications Database

"NREL Publications is a bibliographic database containing references to documents and projects written or edited by staff and subcontractors of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Subjects covered include all renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Included in the database are NREL technical reports, fact sheets, brochures, videos, journal articles, conference papers, books, patents, and exhibits. The database covers documents published from 1977 to present.

The full text of the documents is available on the web for selected recent publications only. Look for an html or pdf icon in the record to link to the full text. If the text is not yet on the web, you may order a paper copy of most documents."

Subjects include: Alternative Fuels; Basic Sciences; Buildings; Chemical Technologies; Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (general topics; Energy Policy and Analysis; Geothermal Energy; Hybrid Electric Vehicles; Hydrogen; Industry; Materials Science and Semiconductors; National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Photoconversion; Quality Management; Solar Energy - General; Solar Energy - Photovoltaics; Solar Energy - Radiation; Solar Energy - Thermal; Superconductivity; Transportation; Utilities; Waste Recycling and Management; Wind Energy.

National Wind Technology Center : NWTC

This site is hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a division of the U.S. Department of Energy. "Provides information on wind energy technology; includes site tour, video, downloadable design codes, wind quiz and document order form." Also includes Internet resources, "wind resource database" and wind turbine research information.

The Nuclear Tourist: Why Nuclear Power?

Every form of energy generation has advantages and disadvatages. This site compares them all.

Office of Transportation and Air Quality, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) is responsible for carrying out laws to control air pollution from motor vehicles, engines, and their fuels. Mobile sources include: cars and light trucks, large trucks and buses, farm and construction equipment, lawn and garden equipment, marine engines, aircraft, and locomotives."

The OTAQ web site offers consumer factsheets, emissions standards, regulations and rules, reports, modeling software, test procedures, laboratory methods, and other publications on automobiles and light trucks, trucks and buses, nonroad engines and vehicles (farm, construction, mining; lawn and garden equipment, generators, and other small engines), marine engines, and aviation), and motor fuels.

OTAQ was formerly the Office of Mobile Sources.

Renewable and Alternative Fuels : U.S. Energy Information Administration

Access featured articles, publications, data and applications relevant to alternative and renewable energy, including "information on the history, status, and prospects of renewable energy in the United States." Hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Renewable Resource Data Center

This U.S. Dept. of Energy-sponsored resource contains data relating to natural energy sources such as solar radiation, biomass, geothermal, and wind power. There's an illustrated glossary of alternative energy-related terms, and links to projects and information for students and teachers. Consumers preparing to install solar panels can estimate their savings by using the "PVWatts" link, which calculates the electricity produced by any photovoltaic solar system.

Solar energy: as the cost of this resource becomes more competitive with other renewable resources, applications to construct new solar power plants should increase

An electronic resource of: California State Auditor, Bureau of State Audits.

Solar Lighting

This U.S. Department of Energy site provides information about solar lighting, what it is and how it works. The "For Consumers" link provides some information about hybrid solar lighting (HSL) and the cost savings associated with HSL systems.

Special Reports : Cars and Motoring

From the online version of New Scientist magazine, a collection of articles published from 2003 to the present on alternative fuels and automotive technology development. Most articles are free but some require a fee.

Thermal Biology Institute

"The Thermal Biology Institute conducts and promotes research and education focused on the biology and interrelated physical and chemical processes of geothermal environments in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem."
Site offers research highlights, abstracts and fulltext publications, images, links, and other resources.

Transportation : Congressional Research Service Reports

The University of North Texas Libraries presents full-texts of Congressional Research Service Reports (those reports that are publicly available online) about federal aid to transportation and transportation policy.
The Congressional Research Service (of the Library of Congress) writes analyses of public policy issues, especially of legislative proposals, for use by Congressmen. CRS does not provide its reports directly to the public.

TranStats : The Intermodal Transportation Database

TranStats is a U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics website providing one stop shopping for transportation data. "Users can explore the data by transportation mode or by subject area, use keyword searches to find relevant datasets, and get online help."
TranStats "offers:
  • A searchable index of over 100 transportation-related data bases ....
  • Selective download-the ability to choose variables of interest and download the data directly to your PC for analysis using any data base, spreadsheet, or statistical package.
  • Online data documentation ...
  • Interactive analytical tools-the ability to do simple statistical summaries, create time series or cross tabulations, generate graphics online, and cut/paste results into reports
  • Interactive mapping to help visualize geographic data
  • A mapping center with the full National Transportation Atlas Data Base"
  • U.S. Department of Energy : Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy : Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program

    This program exists to "improve wind energy technology so that it can generate competitive electricity in areas with lower wind resources and to develop new, cost effective advanced hydropower technologies." Provides overviews of how wind power and hydropower works and explores the history and advantages and disadvantage of each. Also features publications, photographs, and related links. From the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE).

    U.S. Department of Energy : Energy.gov

    The United States Department of Energy web site:
    ---presents information about the Department of Energy (DOE)
    ---connects to web sites of DOE laboratories and offices
    ---connects to DOE research publications, databases, and statistics about power resources and energy

    Wind project performance ... summary

    An electronic journal of: California Energy Commission.


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