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Ethanol fuel is ethanol (ethyl alcohol), the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It can be used as a fuel, mainly as a biofuel alternative to gasoline, and is widely used in cars in Brazil. Because it is easy to manufacture and process, and can be made from very common materials, such as sugar cane, it is steadily becoming a promising alternative to gasoline throughout much of the world.

Agricultural Biomass to Energy Program (SB 704): guidebook
An electronic resource of: California Energy Commission. Alternative Fuels : PBS NewsHour
From PBS&quo;s NewsHour, background reports on search for "alternative fuels such as ethanol, natural gas and hydrogen to improve fuel economy, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and transition from foreign to domestically produced fuels." Includes "How Does Your Car Stack Up?" with data on car models&quo; fuel costs per year and tons of CO2 tailpipe emissions per year. Biodiesel and Ethanol Investing
This site is an aggregator for news and trends in the biodiesel industry.They provide detailed summaries of the latest relevant articles from around the web and general information on biodiesel as well. Biofuels for Sustainable Transportation
The U.S. Department of Energy&quo;s National Biofuels Program presents information on biofuels. Included are:
---Introductory essays on biofuels (biomass energy, bioethanol, biodiesel)
---Essays on biofuels and the economy, biofuels and energy security, biofuels and the environment, and biofuels and legislation
---Descriptions of DOE biofuels research and activities
---Descriptions of DOE/industry partnerships related to biofuels

The Biofuels Information Center maintains technical information on biofuels conversion research conducted under U.S. DOE supervision from 1980 to the present. Included are:
---information on research on biomass energy, use of ethanol as a fuel, biodiesel and biogas energy, microalgae, microbial fermentation, anaerobic bacteria, and effects of biofuel use on global warming
--- Biofuels Update newsletter
---calendar of workshops, conferences, and seminars on biofuels

Biomass Program : State and Regional Resources
"The mission of OBP is to partner with U.S. industry to foster research and development on advanced technologies that will transform our abundant biomass resources into clean, affordable, and domestically produced biofuels, biopower, and high-value bioproducts."
Site offers program information, reports, and links to regional biomass energy programs. BioPower Program
BioPower - creating electricity from biomass - is one of the most promising of the emerging renewable energy technologies. The BioPower web site, sponsored by DOE&quo;s Biomass Power Program, offers access to complete information on biomass power, ranging from the latest developments and photos of biopower projects for the media to technical reports for scientists to a general explanation of the technology. Brief on biomass and cellulosic ethanol /
An electronic resource of: California Research Bureau. A brief on ethanol the debate on ethanol: prospects and challenges to California producers /
An electronic resource of: California Research Bureau. Clean Power Estimator
From the California Energy Commission. Site of the evaluation software program that provides "California residential and commercial electric customers a personalized estimate of the costs and benefits of investing in a photovoltaic (PV) solar or small wind electric generation system." Congressional Research Service Reports on the Environment
Full-text of more than 2,200 Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports (from 1996 to present) on environmental policy, agriculture, and natural resources are presented. Congressional Research Service Reports That Were Pulled From the Web, posted by Memory Hole
The Congressional Research Service (of the Library of Congress) writes analyses of public policy issues, especially of legislative proposals, for use by Congressmen.
Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports are not available to the public. For a while, selected CRS reports were posted on the websites of Congressmen Shays and Green. Though these reports are no longer available from the Congressmen&quo;s websites, Memory Hole had copied many of them and posted these on the web in November 2003.
Memory Hole has posted additional CRS reports. Energy.gov : Transportation
Info on U.S. Department of Energy&quo;s on development of alternative fuels, alternative fuel vehicles, and alternative fuel infrastructure. Forecasts, U.S. Energy Information Administration
The U.S. Energy Information Administration offers United States and world forecasts for the energy industry and of energy consumption. There are data, analyses, and reports by fuel (petroleum, natural gas, electricity, coal, nuclear, renewables, alternative fuels) and by sector (residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, electric power, all fuels). The most recent issues of International Energy Outlook (IEO), Annual Energy Outlook (AEO), and Short-term Energy Outlook (STEO) are included. International Energy Outlook
"This report presents international energy projections through 2025, prepared by the Energy Information Administration, including outlooks for major energy fuels and issues related to electricity and the environment." Energy sources include nuclear power, natural gas, and coal. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is the statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy. Open CRS : Congressional Research Reports for the People
Open CRS gives citizens access to CRS Reports already in the public domain by linking to 14,000+ reports in web collections.
Search for CRS reports by word or phrase.
The Congressional Research Service (of the Library of Congress) writes analyses of public policy issues, especially of legislative proposals, for use by Congressmen. CRS does not provide its reports directly to the public. Petroleum (Information from the U.S. Energy Information Administration)
The U.S. Energy Information Administration offers information and statistics about petroleum supply and use in the United States. Included are:
---Statistics and information on marketing, consumption, supply, reserves, and prices of oil, gas, natural gas, propane, ethane, diesel, kerosene, and other petroleum products
---Information on oil and gas development and oil and gas productive capacity
---Oil and Gas Field Code Master List, a comprehensive listing of U.S. oil and gas field names
---Cost and Indices for Domestic Oil and Gas Field Equipment and Production Operations (database)
Many of the publications require use of Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. Proposed determination pursuant to Health and safety code section 43830(g) of the ozone forming potential of elevated RVP gasoline containing 10 percent ethanol /
An electronic resource of: California Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board. Renewable and Alternative Fuels : U.S. Energy Information Administration
Access featured articles, publications, data and applications relevant to alternative and renewable energy, including "information on the history, status, and prospects of renewable energy in the United States." Hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy. Transportation Fuels : Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol
The California Energy Commission presents information and statistics on California fuel sales, consumption, production, prices, and supply. In addition it presents information, by county, on gasoline stations and gasoline consumption. For each county, there is a directory (addresses) of gasoline stations plus a statistical table showing number of gasoline stations, population, number of automobiles, miles of roads, and gallons of gasoline consumed. U.S. Department of Energy : Energy.gov
The United States Department of Energy web site:
---presents information about the Department of Energy (DOE)
---connects to web sites of DOE laboratories and offices
---connects to DOE research publications, databases, and statistics about power resources and energy World Resources Institute
The World Resources Institute works to provide "information, ideas, and solutions to global environmental problems." The Institute web site presents reports, press releases, and statistics about sustainable development, sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry and forests, biodiversity, global climate change, health, oceans and coasts, trade and environment, and governments&quo; environmental policy.

Country Environmental Data Profiles are statistical fact sheets for the countries of the world. They present data on economic and social context, agriculture, forests, freshwater, marine and coastal resources, biodiversity, mineral resources, energy, and ratification of environmental treaties.

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