LRDC -- Frequently Asked Questions

LRDC -- Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions, assistance or to schedule a visit to the LRDC, please contact Christopher Martone at the Education Services Office at (951) 827- 3715 or Christina Cicchetti
at (951) 827- 5138

What benefits does the LRDC provide to UC Riverside?

The LRDC can be used as an invaluable tool for UCR students and faculty. Faculty may bring classes to visit the LRDC to give students a first-hand look at the adoption process. Students may use the LRDC for research on additional, alternative instructional resources that may not be available to them elsewhere.

The Textbook Collection in Rivera Library's Education Services department also benefits, in that newly adopted textbooks can be quickly obtained and added to the collection for patrons to use.

Can Materials in the LRDC Circulate?

The items in the LRDC are available for review in the LRDC only; they may not be checked out. However, in many cases, Education Services may have acquired second sets of many of the adopted items; these materials may be borrowed according to the libraries' circulation policy.

How did Learning Resource Display Centers come about?

LRDCs were established by the California Department of Education (CDE) for two reasons. The first was to give the public more of a say in what is being taught in California public shools. Before new instructional materials are allowed to be used in schools statewide, the state provides an opportunity for the public to examine, evaluate and give feedback to the state as to which publishers' materials they feel have merit; LRDCs are set up statewide to serve as the means for the public to view these materials. Evaluation forms are available at LRDCs for the public to make comments on instructional materials, and these forms are sent to the CDE.

Second, the CDE set up LRDCs to serve school districts after a subject's instructional materials have been selected -- or adopted -- by the state. LRDCs provide a neutral, hassle-free environment where district representatives may examine the different adopted materials for a particular subject in detail, and determine which textbooks and ancillary material are appropriate for their schools.

How many LRDCs are there across California?

There are over 30 LRDCs throughout California. A complete listing of California's Learning Resource Display Centers is available here

UC Riverside -- and, more specifically, the Rivera Library -- the location of the LRDC for Riverside County, as designated by the CDE.

How does the CDE's adoption process work?

Subject area textbooks are typically on a 7-year adoption cycle. At the end of that cycle, instructional materials for that given subject area come up for review. Textbook publishers are instructed by the CDE to submit samples of their current line of instructional materials that they feel closely correspond to the state's established frameworks for that particular discipline. These samples are submitted to the California Department of Education, as well as to the LRDCs established throughout the state. From the time the submission deadline has passed (typically around May) through the end of October, the general public is invited by the CDE to visit their local LRDC to inspect and evaluate these submissions.

By mid November of that year, a list of approved textbook titles is determined based on both public feedback and the CDE's own review of the submitted materials. This list is made public by the California Department of Education, and those publishers' instructional materials listed are officially adopted by the state. As directed by the state, public school districts throughout California have a set period of time from this point (on average, 2 years) to update their district's instructional materialsfor this subject, and must select one of the textbook titles on this approved list. Thes list of adopted programs remains active until the next time that subject's instructional materials are once again up for review.

Come be a part of the decision-making process; have a role in determining the future of California education by visiting the Learning Resource Display Center!

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