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Search Engines and Indexes : State of California Home Page
Information and publications from California state government agencies about California, California government, and California government services. is the official United States federal government web portal, connecting the public to United States government information and services.
---USAgov's search engine searches 180,000,000+ federal and state government web pages.
After initial search results, Advanced Search allows for keyword and phrase searching
---Connects to U.S. government info by topic, to federal government agencies and departments, and to info of interest to specific audiences (citizens, business, government employees, seniors, military ... )

Government Information INFOMINE
Search and browse annotated and indexed United States federal government and California government web sites. Some international government organization, foreign government, and other state government web sites are included.

California State Agency Databases
Connect to databases of useful information maintained by California state government agencies and departments, legislature, governor, and courts.


California Legislature : Your Legislature
Your Legislature allows you to:

  • search for names of California assemblymen and senators by zip code
  • connect to home pages of assemblymen and senators
  • find addresses and phone numbers of assemblymen and senators
  • display lists of committee members for Assembly and Senate committees
  • read Assembly and Senate rules
  • read text of How a Bill Becomes a Law
  • find definitions of legislative terms
  • California State and Local Government on the Net
    Connect to home pages of California state agencies, regional government associations, counties, and cities.

    California State Government On-Line Telephone Directory
    Searchable directories list phone numbers and e-mail addresses of California state government:
    ---departments and agencies
    ---officials and employees

    California Roster
    The California Roster is a directory of:
    ---California's Congressional and state legislature representatives and legislative districts
    ---Statewide elected officeholders; state courts and justices; state departments, agencies, boards, and commissions
    ---California counties, county elected and appointed officials, county justices
    ---California cities and towns, city elected and appointed officials
    ---Unincorporated areas of California
    Coverage: 2003 to present

    California State Government :
    Information about California state government.
    Includes connections to California state government telephone directory, to California state government agency web sites, and to California laws and regulations.


    Official California Legislative Information
    Bill Information. Full text of California legislative bills from 1993 to the present. Includes bill status, bill history, votes, analyses, and veto messages.
    California Law. California codes, statutes (from 1993 to present), and constitution.
    Your Legislature. Information about California senators and assemblymen (home pages, addresses, memberships on committees), rules of the legislature, a glossary of legislative terms, and a description of how a bill becomes a law.
    Legislative Publications. Includes: a legislative index (subject index of bills before the legislature); a table of California code sections affected by bills before the legislature; daily file; a list of agency reports required to be submitted to the Legislature and/or the Governor; California's Legislature, an in-depth intro to California legislative process.

    California Courts : the Judicial Branch of California
    Information about California courts and administration of justice in California courts. Includes:
    ---Links to websites of California courts (Supreme Court, courts of appeal, trial courts)
    ---Recent case opinions of the California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal (and searchable for 1850- )
    ---Online Self-Help Center
    ---California Rules of Court, forms, info about jury service and jury instructions
    ---Courts statistics, court administration, judicial branch initiatives and programs

    California Code of Regulations
    Search for current California state regulations by keyword or select California state regulations text from an agency list or from a table of contents.

    FindLaw California
    FindLaw connects to California legal information on the Internet. Links are to California:
    ---codes, statutes, regulations
    ---judicial opinions: California case law from 1934 to present; free registration required for access to judicial opinions
    ---legal forms
    ---law schools, law libraries, legal associations/organizations
    Links to some fee services and subscription websites, as well as free public websites.

    Westlaw : Campus Research
    United States federal and state case law, statutory and regulatory materials. Legal periodicals. Legal encyclopedias. Fulltext.
    Fee database accessible at UCR Libraries.

    LexisNexis Academic : Legal
    United States federal and state case law; United States federal and state codes and regulations; law review articles.
    Fee database accessible at UCR Libraries.

    Google Scholar : Case Law
    Select "case law" option to search for citations to and full texts of United States court opinions. Includes full-texts of U.S. Supreme Court opinions, federal appellate court opinions (1924- ), federal district court and state supreme court opinions (1950- ).

    Elections and Campaign Finance

    California Voter Foundation
    The California Voter Foundation (CVF) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to shaping a more informed and engaged electorate by emphasizing the use of new technologies. CVF website sections are:

    Voter Resources with
    ---Online voter guides for for California elections (beginning with the Fall 1994 election)
    ---Maps of California's legislative districts (Congress, State Assembly, State Senate) and counties
    ---Information about voting and voter registration, a directory of California county elections offices
    ---Lists of California state elected officials
    ---Links to websites of California political parties, California interest groups, California news media, public policy research organizations
    ---Connections to polling data and polling organizations

    Issues and Publications with reports, studies, articles, and links to agencies and organizations concerned with:
    ---Campaign Disclosure
    ---Voter Education
    ---Voter Privacy
    ---Voting Technology

    News articles about California elections, voter registration, voting technology, ballot measures, and related issues.

    Cal-Access : Lobbying Activity
    Who are California's lobbyists? Who is paying them?
    The California Secretary of State presents searchable directories of California state registered:
    ---lobbyists (name, address, who employs them)
    ---lobbying firms (name of firm, lobbyists it employees, clients and the payments made by clients, bills and agencies lobbied)
    ---lobbyist employers (name, lobbyists and lobbying firms employed, payments made to lobbying firms, filings)

    Initiative Measures : California Office of the Attorney General
    The California Office of the Attorney General provides titles and a summaries for proposed California statewide initiative measures prior to the circulation of qualification petitions. This web site makes available:
    ---the full text of Active Measures submitted for preparation of a circulating title and summary
    ---a list of withdrawn or failed proposals
    ---report of status of measures being circulated
    ---brief summary of process for qualifying statewide initiatives

    California Ballot Propositions (1911-present)
    "The California Ballot Propositions Database is a comprehensive, searchable source of information on California ballot propositions from 1911 to the present. The database contains the full text of the propositions, accompanying material contained in the voters' pamphlets, related legal and legislative history, and digital images of the ballot pamphlets."
    Links to fulltext images of ballot pamphlets from 1911 on are posted.

    Cal-Access : Campaign Funds
    Who makes political campaign contributions? Who gets the money? How do they spend it?
    The California Secretary of State presents searchable directories of campaign contributions, contributors, and expenditures for California:
    ---Statewide and state legislature candidates and elected officials
    ---Propositions and ballot measures
    ---Committees and political parties
    Data are for contributions made from 2000 to present.

    Elections and Voter Information, California Secretary of State
    The California Secretary of State's Elections Division presents:
    ---voter registration forms
    ---information about registering to vote, voting, absentee voting, voting systems, etc., in California
    ---official California statewide election results for elections from March 1996 to present
    ---voter registration statistics (1996 to present)
    ---ballot pamphlets (1996 to present)
    ---certified lists of candidates (1996 to present)

    Politics1 : California
    Politics1 California connects to web sites of:
    ---candidates for California statewide offices and United States Congress
    ---California political parties
    ---California state election office
    ---California news sources

    California Ballot Pamphlets (1911- )
    California state ballot pamphlets for general, primary, and supplemental elections from 1911 to 2004 primary election are presented in PDF format by UC Hastings Law Library.

    California Ballot Initiatives (1911-present)
    "The California Ballot Initiatives Database is a comprehensive, searchable source of information on California ballot initiatives from 1911 to the present. The database contains the full text of the initiatives, accompanying material relating to their filing and qualification, related legal and legislative history, and digital images of pertinent documents."



    California Statistical Abstract
    Compilation of statistical data on social, economic, and physical aspects of the state of California. Includes statistics on population, labor force and employment, economic conditions, health, public welfare, education, natural resources, industries, banking, government, law enforcement, and more. Abstract available in PDF and EXCEL formats.
    Coverage: 2000 to 2008
    At UC Riverside, print editions for earlier years are shelved in the Rivera Library's government publications reference section.

    American FactFinder
    U.S. Census Bureau data access system with U.S. population, housing, and economic census data.
    Find quick facts, view detailed tables, build customized data tables and view geographic and thematic maps.
    Includes data from:
    ---2000 and 2010 Census of Population and Housing
    ---American Community Survey, 2005-
    ---2002 and 2007 Economic Censuses
    ---Annual Population Estimates, most recent
    ---Annual economic surveys, recent

    RAND California Statistics
    RAND California Statistics focuses on "California public policy issues with an emphasis on statistics."
    California Statistics contains more than 160 databases in these categories: Business and Economics; Population and Demographics; Education; Community; Health and Socioeconomic; Government Finances; Energy and Environment.
    Fee resource accessible at UCR Libraries.

    Cal Facts : California's Economy and Budget in Perspective
    Cal Facts consists of statistical charts and tables that present a broad overview of California state government finances (revenues, expenditures, budget, program expenditures and outcomes) as well as California economic conditions.
    Coverage: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2011.


    California Crime Data
    For the state of California, crime and criminal justice statistics tables, reports, and publications. Includes crime and arrest statistics for California state, counties, and cities.


    California Demographics : California Demographic Research Unit
    The Demographic Research Unit of the California Department of Finance is designated as the single official source of demographic data for state planning and budgeting. Sections of the Unit's web site include:
    (1) Reports and Research Papers with:
    ---population estimates and projections for the state, cities, and counties
    ---U.S. census survey data on characteristics of California state population
    ---reports and data on legal immigration to California and migration to/from state of California
    (2) Data Files with: California county race/ethnic population with age and sex detail, 1970 - projected 2050


    Financial and Economic Data, California Department of Finance
    Information on economic conditions in California include:
    ---California economic data (employment, income, construction)
    --- California Economic Indicators, bimonthly, 1998-present
    ---California county profiles
    --- Chronology of Significant Events lists, from 1956 to present, economic, political, and natural developments that have influenced California economic indicators
    ---recent annual economic reports of the Governor
    ---recent tax expenditure report
    Data are from California state government and United States federal government agencies and departments.


    Ed-Data: Fiscal, Demographic, and Performance Data on California's K-12 Schools
    What are the basic facts about your school district or local school? How does it compare with others in the state? How do California schools compare nationally? Ed-Data offers:

    Information on each California public school ---Address, enrollment, enrollment by ethnicity, English Learners (formerly Limited English proficiency) enrollment, CalWORKS (formerly AFDC) enrollment, free/reduced price meals enrollment, computers per classroom, Title 1 status, charter school status, class size, STAR test scores, Academic Performance Index score, number of teachers credentialed, number of staff. For high schools there are statistics on dropouts and graduates by ethnicity.

    Link to STAR tests scores for the state as a whole, for counties, for school districts, and for individual schools.
    Academic Performance Index scores for individual schools.
    SAT scores for individual high schools and graduates eligible for UC-CSU admission (by ethnicity).

    Statistical data on California schools and students (number of schools and school districts, public school enrollment, pupil-teacher ratio, dropouts, graduates, etc.) Data are for the state as a whole, for counties, and for school districts.

    Statistical data comparing California K-12 educational funding (expenditure per pupil) and class size (pupils per teacher) with that of the other 49 states

    Revenues and expenditures of school districts and of county offices of education

    DataQuest presents statistical data on California schools and school districts. Choose data to display by level (statewide, county, district, school) and subject. Among the subjects included are:
    ---Academic Performance Index
    ---Course enrollments
    ---English Language Development Test results
    ---English learners
    ---High school graduates
    ---High school exit examination results
    ---High school SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement scores
    ---Physical fitness results
    ---Staffing (teacher credential and experience, number of staff by type)
    ---Special education enrollment
    ---Stanford9 (SAT9) test scores


    California Labor Market Information
    Labor Market Information presents information and data on California labor force, employment, unemployment, job market by occupation, occupations, hours of labor, and wages by occupation. Included are:
    ---statistical data for the state, for metropolitan statistical areas, for counties, and for cities
    ---a directory of local labor area market analysts
    ---a list of California Employment Development Department, Labor Market Information Division publications and products
    ---information on the prevailing wage program for temporary H-1B visas

    Government Procurement and Contracts

    California State Contracts Register
    The California State Contracts Register "The California State Contracts Register (CSCR) is your one-stop information source for state contracting opportunities. The CSCR connects business to government, providing an easy-to-use, on-line publication which lists services and construction contracts over $5,000, commodity contracts over $50,000, and IT goods contracts over $100,000". lists California state solicitations of bids for services and construction contracts. Solicitation notices are divided into categories such as janitorial maintenance, construction, and equipment rental. Each notice lists contract number, contract title, contract description, date of the last day bids will be accepted or opened, duration of the contract, location, department initiating request for service, and contact person

    California Department of General Services, Procurement Division
    The Procurement Division is the State of California's central purchasing and materials management agency. It provides information useful to state agencies wishing to purchase materials and services and to those who wish to sell materials and services to state agencies. The Division's website presents:
    ---information about selling to California state agencies
    ---information about bids and surplus property
    ---regulations and procedures concerning California government purchasing and contracts
    ---California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS), model contracts, and master agreements

    Public Records

    California Public Records Online : NETRonline Public Records Online
    Connect to California county tax assessors' records and other public records databases.
    NETRonline offers some data and products for fee.

    California Searchable Public Record Databases, from Search Systems
    Search Systems offers free access to public record databases of California state government agencies, California city and county governments, and California regional agencies. The databases are of records for licenses, property assessments, births, and such. Some links are to sites where the agency that provides the information requires payment.

    Public Policy/Think Tanks/Research Institutes

    California Senate Office of Research
    The Senate Office of Research posts its:
    ---reports and briefings on public policy issues facing California and the California Legislature
    ---annual summaries of legislative accomplishments from 1991-2007

    California Legislative Analyst's Office
    The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) provides analysis and nonpartisan advice to the California Legislature on fiscal and policy issues. Its web pages have:
    ---analyses of the California State budget
    ---fiscal analyses of the California ballot initiatives and propositions
    ---some full-text LAO reports
    ---searchable LAO publications database

    California Research Bureau
    "The California Research Bureau (CRB) within the California State Library provides nonpartisan research services to the Governor and his staff, to both houses of the Legislature, and to other state elected officials." Selected recent reports are available full-text on the Bureau's web site.

    News--California Politics, Government, and Law : California Daily News Roundup links to current news articles on California politics, government, and law.

    Rough and Tumble: A Daily Snapshot of California Public Policy and Politics
    Daily summary listings of California public policy and politics news (with links to newspaper articles).

    California Report
    Listen to archived broadcasts of the California Report, "KQED's statewide radio news program, providing daily coverage of issues, trends and public policy decisions affecting California and its diverse population."

    Frequently Requested Information

    Consumer Information and Complaints

    California Office of the Attorney General : Protecting Consumers and Consumer Info
    California Office of the Attorney General consumer protection and services and information. Connects to Consumer Alerts, Info and Complaints page. Includes:
    ---general information about a variey of consumer issues (such as phone slammers, bad checks, child support, charitable giving, collection agencies, sweepstakes, etc.)
    ---contact information for complaints by type of business (airlines, automobile dealerships, doctors, etc.)
    ---contact information for other complaints (complaints against law enforcement officers, government agencies or officials, and corporations; discrimination-related complaints)
    ---a consumer complaint form
    ---information on California state laws and registration requirements regarding credit service organizations, charitable trusts, sellers of travel, and telephonic sellers, etc.

    California Department of Consumer Affairs
    The California Department of Consumer Affairs web site "is a resource designed to help Californians become informed consumers by learning their rights and protection afforded them." There are:
    --- guides for consumers on topics such as consumer credit, hiring contractors, medical care, etc. (Consumer information and Publications links on the left)
    ---a file a complaint online service
    ---information for consumers and for licensees on the Department's licensing of more than 180 different professions ranging from doctors to accountants to contractors.
    --- Consumer Resource and Referral Guide
    ---a digest of consumer legislation before the California legislature
    ---information about the Department, its activities, and its programs

    California State Student Financial Aid

    California Student Aid Commission
    Information, applications, and forms for CalGrants (student aid grants for California residents) -- accompanied by information on federal, state, and university student grant, loan, and savings programs.

    California Highway and Traffic Conditions

    California Highway Conditions
    California Highway Conditions allows you to choose an interstate, highway, or state route by number (or to choose a section of road from maps) and then read information on closures, construction, and time delay estimates for the chosen road.
    The Traffic Videos section connects to cameras showing traffic conditions on selected freeways/highways. The San Diego freeway speed sensors sections has maps showing current speeds on San Diego area freeways. This feature is slow.
    Instead for (Fresno, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco) maps with traffic flow and incident indications, try traffic reports. Traffic flow and incident maps for some areas also available from
    For reports of traffic accidents and other incidents impeding traffic flow see the Traffic Incidents section of the California Highway Patrol web site. : Inland Empire Transportation Info
    IE511 is a "one-stop phone and web service for transportation information in Southern California's Inland Empire." Includes:
    ---Real-time traffic info (drive times, incidents, sig alerts, cameras) for Southern California freeways
    ---Bus and rail info and trip planner for San Bernardino and Riverside Counties
    ---Rideshare and commuting info (cost calculator, vanpools and carpools, carpool lane maps, park and ride lot maps, etc.)
    ---Transportation services info for bicyclists, disabled, seniors, etc.

    California State Government Jobs

    California State Government Civil Service Employment
    Position vacancy and civil service examination notices for California state agencies are posted. In addition, the California State Personnel Board supplies general information about civil service employment with California state government.

    Sales and Auctions

    Auctions, California Office of Fleet Administration
    Each month California state government holds a public auction to dispose of state vehicles and equipment. This website posts the dates of auctions and lists items for sale at the upcoming auction.

    Surplus Real Property, California State Government
    The California state government lists state surplus real property (real estate) for sale.

    Surplus Property, California State Government
    Lists California state surplus personal property (equipment, vehicles, furniture) for sale through auction.

    Tax Forms and Assistance

    California Franchise Tax Board
    From the California Franchise Tax Board:
    ---California tax forms
    ---Electronic filing information
    ---Tax information for individuals, businesses and corporations, and tax professionals

    California Tax Forms and Publications
    California Franchise Tax Board:
    ---California state tax forms and instructions for tax years 1994 to present
    ---e-file information

    Unclaimed Property

    California Bureau of Unclaimed Property
    From the State of California's Unclaimed Property (UCP) Program web site:
    ---search for record of "property you may have lost or forgotten"
    (property includes bank accounts, security box contents, stocks, royalty payment, insurance policies, etc., but not real estate)
    ---obtain a form to file a claim for unclaimed property

    Ordering Birth/Death Certificates

    California Office of Vital Records : Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates
    Instructions for ordering certified and informational copies of California birth certificates, death certificates, certificates of public marriage, certificates of dissolution of marriage, and amendments (birth and death affidavits, supplemental names, name changes, paternities, adoptions, etc.).

    Voter Registration Forms and Assistance

    California Voter Registration Forms
    California residents may register to vote:
    (1) Fill out a voter registration form online and print to sign and mail.
    (2) Print a blank voter registration form to complete by hand.
    Toll-free numbers to call for assistance with voter registration are listed.

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