Iraq War

Iraq War

Guides to Iraq War Information

Conflict with Iraq
This Multnomah County Library guide connects to Web sites about the conflict with Iraq. The diplomatic background, weapons inspections in Iraq, United Nations Security Council resolutions, the war, civil and human rights issues, and humanitarian assistance are the major topics. Resources from the United States, British, French, Turkish, and Kurdistan governments are included along with resources from international organizations, peace organizations, and supporters of war in Iraq.

Iraq Crisis
The Iraq Crisis guide connects to Web resources about the conflict with Iraq. It groups links in these sections: background reports; blogs; casualty lists; depleted uranium; international law; librarians' webliographies; military information and strategic studies; news sources; peace, nonviolence, anti-war; think tanks, non-profits; United Nations; and, U.S. Government.

Iraq Web Links
United States Institute of Peace Library links "by topical categories to resources primarily in English providing information on Iraq concerning conflict, weapons inspections, and reconstruction."
Most links are to pre-2006 resources.

Reconstructing Iraq : News, Analysis and Internet Resources
The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace offers resources (reports, articles, op-eds, maps, etc.) and links to resources on the war in Iraq and reconstructing Iraq. Resources are listed in these categories:

  • Reconstruction
  • Regime Change
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Inspections/United Nations
  • Bush Administration
  • Congress
  • Additional Resources
  • Links

  • Additional Resources

    FindLaw Special Coverage : Iraq Aftermath
    The FindLaw Iraq Aftermath page presents: news; commentary, government documents (reports, resolutions, etc.); law of war documents (conventions, protocols, code of military justice, etc.); legal documents (court opinions, complaints, etc.); and, links to web sites.

    PBS presents web pages created to accompany documentaries presented on its Frontline series. Many current events topics are covered. Some programs may be viewed online. Teacher's guides are available for some programs.

    Government Views of Iraq
    This guide connects to government documents about the conflict with Iraq. Resources (reports, maps, speeches, Geneva conventions, etc.) from the United Nations and the United States government are included. Coverage through 2005.

    Iraq Resource Center, Council on Foreign Relations
    The Council on Foreign Relations presents links to reports, articles, government policy statements, and other resources on the war in Iraq, weapons inspection, and related topics.

    Iraq Special Collection, Center for Nonproliferation Studies
    This web page focuses on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and UNSCOM. It offers Center for Nonproliferation Studies reports, UNSCOM documents, journal and newspaper articles, and abstracts of articles. It now also presents reports on aspects of the War in Iraq.

    Iraq Update, U.S. Department of State International Information Programs
    The U.S. Department of State International Information Programs posts U.S. government and United Nations reports, resolutions, remarks, speeches, policy statements, press briefings, and other documents regarding U.S. foreign policy regarding Iraq, the Iraq War, and reconstruction of Iraq. Also included are reports on political conditions human rights conditions in Iraq.
    Related documents from other governments plus United Nations reports and resolutions regarding the U.N. mandate to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction and the oil-for food programme and related documents from other governments were included; some of these documents and links are no longer easily found on the web site.
    See Crisis with Iraq for an archived Clinton administration website.

    Middle East Media Research Institute : MEMRI
    "The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) explores the Middle East through the region's media. MEMRI ... provides timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media [articles, editorials, political cartoons], as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East." Translations are into English, German, and Spanish; some translations are available in French, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, and Turkish.

    Translations are listed by subject, by country of the original article, and by series.

    Broad subjects are:
    ---Jihad and terrorism
    ---U.S. and Middle East
    ---Reform in the Arab and Muslim world
    ---Arab-Israeli conflict
    ---Inter-Arab relations
    ---Economic studies
    ---Arab antisemitism

    Countries or regions are:
    ---Palestinian Authority
    ---Persian Gulf
    ---Saudi Arabia

    Publications series are:

  • Inquiry and Analysis Series

  • ---MEMRI-produced original analysis based on Middle Eastern media
    ---coverage: no.1 (July 20, 1998) to present
  • Special Dispatch Series

  • ---MEMRI-produced translations of Middle Eastern media
    ---coverage: no.1 (July 15, 1998) to present
  • Special Reports

  • ---MEMRI-produced in-depth studies of Middle East affairs
    ---coverage: no.1 (February 4, 1998)

    Peace and Security, United Nations
    The Peace and Security web site presents documents and information about United Nations peacekeeping missions and peacekeeping policies. Included are:
    ---Maps, descriptions, and detailed information about current and completed (fifty years plus) United Nations peacekeeping operations
    ---Separate sections on the Question of Palestine, United Nations Mission in East Timor, the United Nations in Kosovo, the Report of the Eminent Panel on Algeria, and UNSCOM and Iraq
    ---General information on United Nations peacekeeping, landmines, electoral assistance, and disarmament
    ---A research guide to United Nations documents on peacekeeping (Security Council and General Assembly resolutions, reports, decisions, etc.)
    ---A table listing special and personal representatives or envoys of the Secretary-General

    United Nations Office of the Iraq Programme
    The United Nations Office of the Iraq Program web site presents information about UN Security Council Resolution 986 (adopted in 1995) and its implentation. Security Council resolution 687 (1991) imposed sanctions against Iraq including an embargo on crude oil exports. Resolution 986 authorized an oil-for-food accord to alleviate the effects of the sanctions on the Iraqi populace.

    Provided at the site are:
    ---Security Council resolutions related to oil for food program
    ---related Security Council reports
    ---distribution plan by government of Iraq (for distribution of food, medical supplies, etc.)
    ---basic facts on Oil-for-Food program

    Policy Background Analysis for Legislators

    Key U.S. Government and Congressional Research Service Reports, posted by Foreign Press Centers of the U.S. Department of State
    The U.S. Department of State posts selected U.S. federal government reports and Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports of interest to the foreign press.

    Library Research Papers, United Kingdom Parliament House of Commons
    Research Papers are compiled for the benefit of British Members of Parliament by the staff of the House of Commons Library. Papers deal with topics of current parliamentary interest and "aim to be politically impartial and contain factual information as well as a range of opinions on each subject."
    Coverage: 1998 to present

    E-Briefs, Australian Parliamentary Library
    E-Briefs, issued by the Australian Parliamentary Library, are "electronic documents which provide background and commentary on current [domestic and foreign] policy topics, as well as web links."
    E-Briefs are now (2007 on) published as Background Notes.
    Coverage: 2000 - 2007

    Current Issues Briefs, Australian Parliamentary Library
    Current Issues Briefs, issued by the Australian Parliamentary Library, are short papers designed to provide a quick response to current public policy issues.
    Current Issues Briefs ceased publication.
    Coverage: 1985 to 2005

    Iraq War : Congressional Research Service Reports
    The University of North Texas Libraries presents full-texts of Congressional Research Service Reports (those reports that are publicly available online) on the Iraq War.
    The Congressional Research Service (of the Library of Congress) writes analyses of public policy issues, especially of legislative proposals, for use by Congressmen. CRS does not provide its reports directly to the public.

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