Chief source of information (2.0B1)

Chief source of information (2.0B1)

The chief source of information for printed monographs is the title page or, if there is no title page, the source from within the publication that is used as a substitute for it. For printed monographs published without a title page, or without a title page applying to the whole work (as in the case of some editions of the Bible and some bilingual dictionaries), use the part of the item supplying the most complete information, whether this be the cover (excluding a separate book jacket), half title page, caption, colophon, running title, or other part. Specify the part used as a title page substitute’ in a note (see 2.7B3). If no part of the item supplies data that can be used as the basis of the description, take the necessary information from any available source. If information traditionally given on the title page is given on two facing pages or on pages on successive leaves, with or without repetition, treat those pages as the title page.

Prescribed sources of information (2.0B2)


Prescribed sources of information. The prescribed source(s) of information for each area of the description of printed monographs is set out below. Enclose information taken from outside the prescribed source(s) in square brackets.


Area Prescribed Sources of Information
Title and statement of responsibility Title page
Edition Title page, other preliminaries, and colophon
Publication, distribution, etc. Title page, other preliminaries, and colophon
Physical Description The whole publication
Series The whole publication
Note Any source
Standard number and terms of availability Any source

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