Vietnamese Cataloging Procedures

Vietnamese Cataloging Procedures

University of California, Riverside Libraries
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Vietnamese Cataloging Procedures
Tamara Rising
April 1, 2008

For questions about this policy, please contact Tamara Rising.


  1. If the book in hand already has a record in Scotty (a record that Acquisitions has exported from OCLC) you will need to make sure you overlay the OCLC record and use the “vie” load table.
  2. Therefore, change your 949 to “*recs=vie;b3=o;” this will invoke the “vie” load table and the diacritics will display properly in Scotty. (You may want to create a macro for the “vie 949” if you will be cataloging a lot of Vietnamese items.)
  3. “Verify headings” of the bib record in Scotty. Then “Control all headings” in the OCLC record. Compare headings that we already have in Scotty to the ones available in OCLC.
  4. Bring over all headings that we do not already have. When bringing over Vietnamese authority records make sure to add a 949 before exporting. Authority records will need to go through a load table as well. Therefore, add a 949 in the authority and use the appropriate codes below before exporting.

Standard authority records:

Name Authority records:

Subject Authority records:

  1. Update holdings in OCLC. (ask supervisor if unsure how to do this)
  2. Verify that the diacritics in the bib and authorities have come over correctly.
  3. Finish cataloging the item.
  4. Finally, remove the “o” from the suppress field in the bib record and replace it with a hyphen. We do not want any Vietnamese language records going to Marcive.


  • Use load tables
  • Check to see if authorities are needed
  • Update holdings
  • Remove “o”

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