Journal Collections and Projects

Journal Collections and Projects

JSTOR Project (ongoing)

Preservation for the Future

UCR Library has a unique opportunity to contribute its print copies of the journals held digitally in JSTOR to the University of California Libraries' systemwide archives. By contributing the print copies of these journals, UC Riverside libraries will ensure that they are archived and preserved for the long term. This program will ensure that these resources are preserved in print format, as a backup to the digital format, for generations to come.

Systemwide Support

Project is funded by JSTOR and by UC resource sharing funds to create an archive of 353 Journal titles digitized by JSTOR.  The volumes are being housed at SRLF and when the archive is complete the volumes will circulate for library building use only.  As JSTOR digitizes additional volumes, these will be added to the archive as part of a "moving wal".

No Disruption in Service

The project focuses only on the issues of a journal that are held digitally in JSTOR and are available 24/7 to all library users, on campus and off campus. Typically, these are issues that were published between the first volume up to the volumes published three to five years ago. There will be no disruption in service to the content of the journals. We encourage all researchers to use the digital copies of these journals in JSTOR.

Endorsed by UC Riverside Bibliographers


UCR Libraries fully endorses this effort. Please contact John Bloomberg-Rissman if you have any questions. Your feedback is requested by Friday March 16.

JSTOR Phase 2 title list
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