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Subject Specialists

Your subject specialists are here to work with you and to make sure you have access to information resources that will meet the needs of you and your students. View the specialists by discipline.  If the position is vacant, contact Kuei Chiu, (915) 827-3705 or kchiu@ucr.edu.

Meet the Subject Specialists

  • Carla ArbageyCarla Arbagey, Electronic Resources Librarian, Tomás Rivera Library
    Email: Carla.Arbagey@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-2937
    Disciplines: Classics, Philosophy, Humanities
  • Marie BronoelMarie Bronoel, Science Reference Librarian, Science Library
    Email: Marie.Bronoel@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-7129
    Disciplines: Biomedical Sciences
  • Kuei ChiuKuei Chiu, Collection Development Librarian, Rivera Library
    Email: Kuei.Chiu@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-3705
    Disciplines: Asian Studies, Asian Languages and Literature, Southeast Asian Studies, Italian Literature
  • Christina CicchettiChristina Cicchetti, Rivera Reference & Education Services Librarian, Tomás Rivera Library
    Email: Christina.Cicchetti@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-5138
    Disciplines: Education, Curriculum Collection, Education Services, Juvenile Literature
  • Melissa ConwayMelissa Conway, Librarian, Tomás Rivera Library
    Email: Melissa.Conway@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-3233
    Disciplines: Special Collections
  • Sharla DesensSharla Desens, Head, Media Library, Multimedia Library
    Email: Sharla.Desens@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-5606
    Disciplines: Media (Format only)
  • Ken FurutaKen Furuta, Rivera Reference Librarian, Rivera Library
    Email: Kenneth.Furuta@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-2552
    Disciplines: Laws,Government Publications, Political Science
  • Jessica GreeneJessica Davila Greene, Water Resources Librarian, Water Resources Collections and Archive, Rivera Library
    Email: jessica.greene@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-2802
    Disciplines: Water Resources, Environmental Science 
  • Julie MasonKrista IvyKrista Ivy, Rivera Reference Librarian, Tomás Rivera Library
    Email: Krista.Ivy@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-2642
    Disciplines: Art, Art History, Photography
  • Judy LeeJudy Lee, Rivera Reference Librarian, Rivera Library
    Email: Judy.Lee@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-5486
    Disciplines: Asian-American Studies, Women's Studies
  • Julie MasonJulie Mason, Science Reference Librarian, Science Library
    Email: Julie.Mason@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-2817
    Disciplines: Chemistry and Biochemistry, Environmental toxicology
  • Eric MilenkiewiczEric Milenkiewicz, Manuscripts Curator, Rivera Library
    Email: eric.milenkiewicz@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-4942
    Discipline: Manuscripts and Archives
  • Stephen MitchellStephen Mitchell, Science Reference Librarian, Science Library
    Email: Stephen.Mitchell@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-6454
    Disciplines: Agriculture, Botany and Plant Sciences, Citrus Research and Experiment Station, Entomology, Microbiology, Nematology, Native American Studies
  • Janet MooresJanet Moores, Subject Specialist, Rivera Library
    Email: Janet.Moores@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-2056
    Disciplines: Linguistics, Literature (General), Philology
  • Rhonda NeugebauerRhonda L. Neugebauer Bibliographer, Latin American and Iberian Studies, Tomás Rivera Library
    Email: Rhonda.Neugebauer@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-7331
    Disciplines: Anthropology, Chicano/Latino Studies, Ethnic Studies, Hispanic Studies, Iberian Studies, Latin American Studies, Leisure Reading Collection, Library Science, Middle East Studies, Sociology, Spanish and Portuguese Languages/Literatures
  • Michele PotterMichele Potter, Science Reference & Engineering Librarian, Science Library
    Email: Michele.Potter@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-2975
    Disciplines: Computer Science, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  • Julia ReeJulia Ree, Subject Specialist, Science Library Email: Julia.Ree@ucr.edu  Phone: (951) 827-2810 Disciplines: Science Fiction
  • Anthony SanchezAnthony Sanchez, Rivera Library Instruction Coordinator
    Email: anthony.sanchez@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-3232
    Disciplines: English Literature (American, Austrailian, British, Irish), Film Studies, Theatre, Mass Media
  • Ying ShenYing Shen, Science Reference Librarian, Science Library
    Email: Ying.Shen@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-2816
    Disciplines: Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics
  • Caitlin St. JohnCaitlin St. John, Subject Specialist, Music Library
    Email: Caitlin.StJohn@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-3137
    Disciplines: Music
  • Patricia Smith-HuntPatricia Smith-Hunt, Librarian, Science Library
    Email: Patricia.Smith-Hunt@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-7702
    Disciplines: African Studies, African American Studies
  • Ruben UrbizagasteguiRuben Urbizagástegui, Cataloging Librarian, Science Library
    Email: ruben@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-2812
    Disciplines: Social Sciences (General)
  • Michael YonezawaMichael YonezawaReference Librarian, Rivera Library
    Email: Michael.Yonezawa@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-2896
    Disciplines: Psychology
  • Gwido ZlatkesGwido ZlatkesCataloging Librarian, Science Library
    Email: Gwido.Zlatkes@ucr.edu
    Phone: (951) 827-4660
    Disciplines: Comparative Literature; Religious Studies; Science fiction in Russian and Slavic languages/literatures, Western History

Judy LeeJudy Lee

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