Corporate Solutions from Thomson Micromedex

Corporate Solutions from Thomson Micromedex

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Helps you find

  • Substance identification and compostion
  • Handling, storage, transportation, and disposal information
  • Treatment guidelines for acute chemical exposures
  • Evacuation protocol
  • Personal protection procedures
  • Reproductive halth risks
  • U.S. and international regulatory data


Integrates content from many sources: 

TOMES Plus -- HAZARDTEXT -- INFOTEXT -- CHRIS (Chemical hazard response information) -- HSDB (Hazardous substance data bank) -- IRIS (Integrated risk information system -- ERG2000 (Emergency response guidebook)-- New Jersey hazardous substance fact sheets -- NIOSH pocket guide -- OHM/TADS (Oil and hazardous materials/technical assistance) -- RTECS -- REPROTEXT system -- Shepard's catalog of teratogenic agents -- 1st Medical response protocols


The Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS) provides critical toxicological information with citations from more than 2,500 international journals, textbooks, technical reports, scientific proceedings and compendia.  It covers more than 165,000 substances, about 420,000 chemical names and synonyms, and over 130,000 unique CAS numbers.

RTECS provides toxicological data and reviews, international workplace exporsure limits, references to US standards and regulations, analytical methods, and exposure and hazard survey data.

Generally RTECS includes drugs, food additives, preservatives, ores, pesticides, dyes, detergents, lubricants, soaps, plastics, extracts from plant and animal sources, plants and animals which are toxic by contact or consumption, and industrial intermediates and waste products from production processes.  Users will not find Trade Name products representing compounded or formulated mixtures (pure chemical trade name products are listed

RTECS is produced by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Heatlh) and enhanced for easier searching by CCOHS (Canada's National Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) .

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