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Consumer Demographics:



Best Customers  (Rivera  HC110 C6B47; most recent edition on Business Shelves):  To market a product or service, you must know who to market to, and there are numerous publications in the UCR library that attempt to identify your best potential customers. Best Customers analyzes household spending on more than 300 products and services from women's apparel to veterinary services. For each product or service, Best Customers provides a 2-page summary of the households that are most and least likely to consume that product or service. Household are "scored" with 100 as the average score, so those above 100 are strong potential customers, and those below 100 are relatively weak. Criteria are age of householder, region of residence, educational attainment, income, and race or Hispanic origin.


The Who's Buying Series: located on the Business Shelves behind the Reference Desk, first floor of Rivera Library, has similar demographic information to Best Customers, only broken down by product or service.  Sample titles include Who's Buying Apparel, Who's Buying Groceries, and Who's Buying Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Beverages.

The Lifestyle Market Analyst  (Rivera  JF5415.33 U6L54 most recent edition on Business Shelves)  Using data compiled from more than 15 million American households, Lifestyle Market Analyst  breaks down the American population geographically and demographically.  It includes extensive lifestyle information on the interests, hobbies, and activities popular in each geographic and demographic market.  

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eMarketer  The eMarketer database provides market research reports and statistics on e-business and online marketing.  Statistics are gathered from over 2,800 sources including market research firms, government agencies, non-profits, and universities, and are presented in easily readable graphs and charts together with eMarketer's analysis. eMarketer reports provide up-to-date analysis of the impact of the Internet, blogs, social networking, podcasting, and mobile marketing on business 

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Advertising Red Books: Advertisers (Rivera Ref  HF5805 S733  A directory of U.S. and Canadian companies that spend at least $200,000 per year on national or regional advertising campaigns. 

Advertising Red Books: Agencies (Rivera Ref  HF5805 S733)  A directory of U.S. and Canadian advertising agences; entries include company contact information, agency specialization, breakdown of gross billings by media, and accounts served by the company.

The Advertising age encyclopedia of advertising (Rivera Ref HF5803 S733 on Business Shelves)  3-volume encyclopedia that provides profiles of leading ad agencies in the US and worldwide, explains market research methods, theory, and data-gathering, and explores the social, cultural, and historic issues that influence advertising. 

Advertising to the American Woman (Rivera Ref HF5813 U6 H55 2002 on Business Shelves) A history of the advertising industry's relationship with Ameircan women consumers.  

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Articles on Marketing Trends:

The four databases listed below are excellent sources for articles on trends in marketing:

eMarketer: particularly useful for the latest trends in marketing, especially online marketing. 

The following three databases are also excellent sources of articles on the latest trends in marketing a particular product or service.  When entering search terms in these databases, combine search phrases such as "cosmetics" and "marketing"; adding the word "trend" or "trends" is usually unnecessary and restricts search results

Business Source Complete
Academic via Lexis-Nexis

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