Nooks for Library e-Books and e-Journals

Nooks for Library e-Books and e-Journals

If you have a Nook, or are thinking about getting a Nook or just don't know what to get but think you might want an ereader, this guide will help you figure out how to use your (even theoretical) Nook with UCR Library resources.

Electronic Books:

Some of our ebooks will be transferrable to your Nook device via Adobe Digital Editions, and some of them will work by downloading the PDF's and moving them over to your Nook when it is plugged in. Some will not work at all.

  • Via Adobe Digital Editions -
    Using Adobe Digital Editions on PC. An Adobe account is required to transfer EBL ebooks to Nook. Choose Download and epub (if available). 1 day downloads to start, moves to 8 days after 3 times. Unlimited repeat downloads
    • EBL
    • eBrary
  • Download as PDF and Transfer
    • EbscoHost (60 pages per day)
    • Knovel (Chapter by chapter, no limit)
    • Springer (Chapter by chapter, no limit)
    • Wiley (Chapter by chapter, no limit)
    • MyILibrary/Coutts (Download 10 pages x 4)
    • CRCNetBase (Chapter by chapter, no limit)
    • McGraw-Hill Access...
  • Not Yet
    • O'Reilly Safari


All of our Journal Articles are *DRM free PDF files and can be transferred to Nook via the USB Cable. 

*A Note about DRM
DRM or Digital Rights Management is a system that publishers use to make sure that thier books don't wind up all over the internet.  DRM is also used on other media such as downloadable music.  When a book has DRM information encoded into it, it can only be read by specific readers (such as Adobe Digital Editions) that can interpret the limitations placed on the book, such as no printing.

Quick Links

Other Device Guides:

  • Kindle
  • iPad

PDF on Nook Sized Screen

Most PDF e-journal and e-book files were designed to show on 8 1/2 x 11 pages.  The Nook will do an amazing job of attempting to reflow the documents onto a smaller screen, but it is not perfect.

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