Sociology 133

Sociology 133

The Government Publications reference section has merged with the Rivera Reference collection.  The indexes are on the right side of the collection.

  • Statistical Abstract of the United States (Rivera Reference: HA 202. 2013) - "Stat Ab" is the starting point for finding statistics and guiding you to more detailed data.

2000 & 2010 Census

The government counts Hispanic/Latino as an ethnic group, not a race (see the 2010 Census questionaire - Make sure you don't double count if you are measuring trends by race.

  • American Factfinder 2 ( - Use for detailed demographic data.
    • Community Facts present overviews of the most recent data for a community.  Look at the bottom of the menu for "Advanced Search" and "Quick Facts."  Clicking "Quick Facts" and re-designating your community will lead you to 2000 data.

Factfinder2 - Advanced Search & Quick Facts

    • "Advanced Search" allows you to find detailed data.  Use the 5 year estimates from the American Community Survey (ACS) for recent data, such as income, education, and occupation.  Use "SF3" from the 2000 Census for earlier data.

1990 Census

The 1990 Census is not available as a searchable online database.  They are available in PDF format (  The printed volumes are in the Government Publications collection. 

  • Demographic data is in the 1990 census of population. Social and economic characteristics. California. (C3.223/7:1990 CP-2-6)
  • Housing data is in 1990 census of housing. General housing characteristics. California. (C3.224/3:1990 CH-1-6)

Economic Data

Use the "Advanced Search" in the American Factfinder 2 for economic data for a place.  Enter the name of the city and click "Go."  Finally, click the entry before the "Economic Place" label.

Economic Pace Data

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