Utopian Communities

Utopian Communities

See "Work that Launched Science Fiction Donated to UC Riverside Library"

Print Reference Sources

  • New Dictionary of the History of Ideas. (Rivera Ref CB9 .N49 2005). Entries trace the evolution of an idea through the history of Western thought and culture.
  • Utopia and utopians: an historical dictionary. (Rivera Ref HX626 .T73 1999). "This dictionary and sourcebook provides illustrations of utopian ventures and the people who undertook them." Most entries list sources for further information. Includes an index and a bibliography of selected readings.
  • The ABC-CLIO world history companion to utopian movements. (Rivera Ref HX626 .H65 1998). An attempt to cover "all the major utopian movements since 1450, including those in Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and the Americas as well as Europe." Most entries list reference sources. Includes illustrations, bibliography, chronology, and an index.
  • Dictionary of alternatives: utopianism and organization.  (Rivera Ref HX806 P36 2007) Arranged in dictionary format, this work includes a list of readings (e.g., "environment", "intentional communities", or "politics") and an index at the end.  
  • Dictionary of American communal and utopian history. (Rivera Ref HX653 .F65x). Published in 1980, this resource contains two alphabetical sections, biographies (for the most part, excluding writers of utopian fiction) and communities. In addition to the selected bibliography and index, there are two appendices: A) Annotated list of communal and utopian societies, 1787-1919 and B) Communal history in America: a bibliographical essay.
  • Dictionary of literary utopias. (Rivera Ref PN56 U8 D54 2000).  "[T]he scholars who have contributed to the dictinary have found it important to rethink the meaning and the value of utopia at the end of the millennium."  Entries for utopian texts include the author, date of the work's first edition, summary, analysis, and bibliogrphy.  Thematic entries are broader and have correspondingly longer bibliographies.  All entries are signed.
  • Encyclopedia of utopian literature.  (SpCol Eaton PN56 U8 S66 1995).  Note:  "The Eaton Collection is the largest publicly-accessible collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror and utopian fiction in the world.  It consists of hardback andpaperback books, pulp magazines, fanzines, film and visual material, comic books, and ephemera.  It is housed in the Special Collections Department of the UCR Libraries, located on the fourth floor of the Tomas Rivera Library." 
  • The Greenwood encyclopedia of science fiction and fantasy: themes, works, and wonders. (Rivera Ref PS374 S35 G74 2005, 3 v.)  At the beginning of the set is a guide to related topics, an alphabetical list of themes, and an alphabetical list of classic works (which are then listed in volume 3, including entries for Blade Runner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?).  Editor Gary Westfahl works at UCR's Learning Center.



Finding Books: SCOTTY (UCR's Online Library Catalog)

Subject Headings:
utopias (browse these headings, e.g., utopias - fiction or utopias - history)
collective settlements
communal living
Llano Colony
social problems - fiction 

You can try an author's name as a subject search to find materials about the author or the author's particular works (e.g. "More, Thomas" "Hine, Robert v" or "Huxley, Aldous" or "Dick, Philip" or "Scott, Ridley").  For example, browse the various headings under "Dick, Philip". 



Finding Articles:  (Hint:  Look for UC-eLinks.*)
Author (articles by)
Author as Subject (articles about)



collaborative communities (You can also modify your results by limiting to LANGUAGE: English.   Other limits are also available.)

Title:  (especially from references found in other sources, e.g., "partial visions: feminism and utopianism in the 1970s")
woman on the edge of time

dick, philip 
hendrix, howard 
kerman, j*  (remember: * is a truncation symbol that allows for word variations) 

The following database titles are just a few that the UCR Libraries subscribe to.  Explore the "Databases by Subject" pages to see other resources that can assist your research.

Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) ("Library Homepage >> Databases by Subject >>  General & Broad Subjects")  A multi-disciplinary and full-text database covering many areas of academic study. 

Academic via LexisNexis
("Library Homepage >> Databases by Subject >> General & Broad Subjects")
Wide range of newspaper articles, plus business and legal information,
most full-text.

MLA International Bibliography
("Library Homepage >> Databases by Subject >> Literature & Language") Articles, book chapters, dissertations in literature, linguistics, folklore, film; 1963-present; links to some full-text, with articles in PDF format, including illustrations, graphs and charts exactly as they appear in the print version. Keep in mind that this is a more specialized database.

Film Literature Index International ("Library Homepage >> Databases by Subject >> Film & Media Studies") Citations to articles, film reviews and book reviews published between 1976-2001, covering nearly 150 film and television periodicals internationally.  The index is also available in print from 1973 to 2004 in the Rivera Library Reference section (Z5784 M9F5).

Communication and Mass Media Complete ("Library Homepage >> Databases by Subject >> Film & Media Studies")  Combined "cover-to-cover" and selective coverage of over 600 titles ranging from 1915-present.  Full text coverage for over 240 titles. 

America: History and Life Database ("Library Homepage >> Databases by Subject >> History")
For communities outside of the U.S. and Canada, such as the "kibbutzim", try
Historical Abstracts.  Keep in mind that this is a more specialized database; these materials are geared for historians.

Sociological Abstracts ("Library Homepage >> Databases by Subject >> Psychology & Sociology")
This resource has a "Thesaurus of Sociological Indexing Terms". (A print copy is available in Rivera Reference; you can browse the Thesaurus online in the database.) Some possible subject headings: utopias, communes, kibbutz, agricultural collectives. Tip: try the name of the community as a keyword search. This resource may include references to Internet resources (e.g., kw=bruderhof). Keep in mind that this is a more specialized database, these materials are geared for sociologists.

*  If the database does not provide the article full text, look for  UC eLinks .  Clicking on it will open a new window with a list of your access options.  Those options may include links to the full text in other electronic resources, a search for the journal in Scotty, a search for it at other UCs using Melvyl, or you can initiate an interlibrary loan request to obtain the article from another library.  For more information about UC-eLinks see

You can consult a reference librarian for suggestions of other resources to use for your particular topics.

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