Wired Laptop Internet Access 

Wired Laptop Internet Access 

The Orbach Science Library has Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) ports for accessing the Internet from laptops.   This technology is somewhat dated however, there are still a number of users who, for whatever reason,  rely on the Library Link ports to connect to the library/campus network. 

Note: A limited number of users can be connected via DHCP at once. 

Science Library Port Locations

9 = First Floor (Round Carrel of 8 located on North East Wall) +1 other in the reference area
4 = Second (Right alcove located at north wing.)
4 = Third (Right alcove located at north wing.)
Total = 17 
The Library Link network ports in the study carrels are painted RED and only the port on the left-side is active.  None of the other network ports in the Libraries can be used with this service. 
Ethernet Cables are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk. They have larger connectors than a telephone cord.  Don't use a telephone cord.

Configuring your Laptop

Warning: If your laptop is already manually configured with an IP address for use in another location, these steps will erase that configuration. Remember to write down your existing IP address, Gateway address, Subnet mask, etc. before proceeding.
Hint: Your laptop may already be configured to handle DHCP. To check, simply launch your browser and see if you are live. Before configuring DHCP you must determine whether or not your system has the TCP/IP network software installed. You can check for that software by using the following steps.

Windows 7

  1. Right Click the Network Icon on your Desktop and click on "Properties."
  2. Select "Home Network"
  3. Click on “Properties”
  4. Click “Ok” when prompted. Scroll down the list until you find the entry “Internet Protocol Version 4″ and double-click on it. (as you can see the Internet Protocol 6 is currently unchecked).
  5. Click on obtain a IP address automatically and Obtain a DNS automatically.
  6. Open a browser and try to connect.

Windows XP

  1. Select start -> Control Panel 
  2. Double click Network connections 
  3. Double click Local Area Connection 
  4. On the General Tab, Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) -> click Properties 
  5. Select "Obtain an IP address automatically
  6. Click Advanced and check for "DHCP enabled" in "IP addresses". There should be no "Default gateways
  7. Click "OK" to save changes, Click "OK again", click close.

Note: If you run into trouble, remove "Register DNS" on DNS tab and make sure the DNS and WINS boxes are empty. 

To Return to Manual Networking

To stop DHCP (in case you use a static IP elsewhere), open the TCP/IP control panel in the Control Panels. In the box called Setup, under Configure, choose Manually. You may have to reenter the IP address. 



  1. There are no more IPs available.
  2. The DHCP server is not online.
  3. You are not at an active port (check for the red sign around the port)
  4. Your cable is not plugged in firmly
  5. You need to release and renew your IP (follow instructions directly below) , or
  6. You may just need to reboot your computer.

Renew an expired DHCP address:
Windows XP

  1. Select Start Menu -- Run
  2. Type command and then press enter.
  3. To Release, type Ipconfig /release in the dialog box provided and press ok
  4. To Renew an IP ADDRESS, type Ipconfig /renew in the dialog box provided and press ok

Note: If you have multiple active network cards, you may need to specify which to release.

  IPCONFIG /release [adapter]
                        Release the IP address for the specified adapter.

  IPCONFIG /renew [adapter]
                        Renew the IP address for the specified adapter.

If the Adapter name contains spaces, use quotes: "Adapter Name" wildcard characters * and ? allowed, see the examples below


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