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Connect From Off-Campus

The campus provides 3 ways to access Library resources from off campus. Descriptions and instructions are below.

If you have trouble with any of them, try another method, see the troubleshooting guide, or contact Computing and Communications as indicated at the bottom of this page.

Visit our mobile access page, for instructions on how to connect with a  mobile device (IOS or Android).


  1. Go to library.ucr.edu/vpn (consider bookmarking).
  2. Select one of the three options below.
  3. Enter your NetID and Password
  4. Click on Login.

Three options:


This method is recommended for frequent or in-depth research and requires  you to install software on your computer.

The First Time you log in, there will be an installation process. If you have trouble, consult the Help Guide.

To log in after installation, use the above link or URL. It will not need to reinstall, it will just run a check and indicate you that you are connected.

Note: You may have to turn off your firewall (e.g., Zonealarm) to use the VPN. More Info

Smart Tunnel

Use this method for quick access to Library Resources or if have difficulty using AnyConnect.

After logging in, you will see a button to Start Smart Tunnel. If everything is set up as expected, it will soon tell you that you are connected. Otherwise, try the WebVPN, and, when it is convenient, contact C&C for help.


This method works with your browser and is recommended only if other methods do not work.

Click here to connect to the UCR Web VPN

More Info and Instructions on WebVPN

Because the WebVPN works within your browser, it is more prone to difficulties relating to browser compatibility.

Troubleshooting / Questions?

If you need additional assistance please use the contact information listed below:

Staff and Faculty Help Desk
Telephone: 951-827-3555 (8-5 M-F, Leave a message if they do not answer)
E-Mail: helpdesk@ucr.edu

Student Help Desk
Telephone: 951-827-6495 (8-midnight M-TH, 8-5 Fri, and 1pm-Midnight Sun)
E-Mail: helpdesk@student.ucr.edu
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