Information on Fault Zones in the Inland Empire and Adjacent Areas

Information on Fault Zones 
in the Inland Empire and Adjacent Areas

This guide is to broad spectrum reports and maps available in the UCR Science Library showing fault locations in the Inland Empire and nearby areas.

Abbreviations:     CDMG California Division of Mines and Geology
                         USGS United States Geological Survey

Material is located in the secure collection (ask at the circulation desk) unless marked by # indicating in stacks.


QE535 I2# Earthquake Country. [1971]
QE75 P9# Evaluating Earthquake Hazards in the Los Angeles Region - an Earth-Science Perspective. USGS Professional Paper 1360 [1985]
QE89.7 S61 Geologic Hazards in Southwestern San Bernardino County, California. CDMG Special Report 113 [1976]
QE75 P9# Recent Reverse Faulting in the Transverse Ranges, California. USGS Professional Paper 1339 [1987]
QE75 O64 Southern California earthquakes. USGS OFR 92-533. Scale 1:37,500
CDMG Fault activity map of California.
CDMG Regional Geologic Map Series
Map showing recency of faulting, San Bernardino quadrangle. Scale 1:250,000. Map 3A, Sheet 5 [1986]
CDMG Geologic Atlas of California
Death Valley, Los Angeles, Salton Sea, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, San Diego, Trona.
Scale 1:250,000. [Date varies through 1960s]
MF-1964 Map showing late Quaternary faults and 1978-84 seismicity of the Los Angeles region, California. Scale 1:250,000 [1989]
QE89.7 O64 Preparation of isoseismal maps and summaries of reported pre-1900 California earthquakes.
CDMG OFR 81-11
QE89.7 O64 Microfiche copies of Fault Evaluation Reports. CDMG OFR Series
     90-09 Index to Fault Evaluation Reports 1976-1989
     90-11 Southern Coast Ranges      90-13 Peninsular Ranges
     90-12 Transverse Ranges      90-14 Eastern California


QE1 G43# The San Andreas Fault System: Displacement, Palinspastic Reconstruction, and Geologic Evolution. Geological Society of America Memoir no. 178 [1993]
QE75 P9# The San Andreas Fault System, California. USGS Professional Paper 1515 [1990]
QE75 O64 Short-term Earthquake Hazard Assessment for the San Andreas Fault in Southern California. USGS OFR 91-32
QE75 O64 Probabilities of Large Earthquakes Occurring in California on the San Andreas Fault. USGS OFR 88-398
QE89.7 S61# San Andreas Fault System in Southern California: A Guide to the San Andreas Fault from Mexico to Carrizo Plain. CDMG Special Report 118 [1975]
QE89.7 O64 Earthquake Hazards and Tectonic History of the San Andreas Fault Zone, Los Angeles County, California. CDMG OFR 85-10
QE75 O64 San Andreas Fault System in the Vicinity of the Central Transverse Ranges. USGS OFR 92-354
I-1483 Map showing recently active breaks along the San Andreas fault and associated faults between Salton Sea and Whitewater River-Mission Creek, California. Scale 1:24,000. [1984]
I-553 Map showing recently active breaks along the San Andreas fault between Tejon Pass and Cajon Pass, southern California. Scale 1:24,000. [1969]


I-675 Map showing recently active breaks along the San Jacinto fault zone between San Bernardino and Borrego Valley, California. Scale 1:24,000. [1972]
QE89 A1117 Planning Scenario for a Major Earthquake on the San Jacinto Fault Zone in the San Bernardino Area. CDMG Special Publication 102 [1993]


QE75 O64 Geologic map of the Cucamonga fault zone between San Antonio Canyon and Cajon Creek, San Gabriel Mountains, southern California. USGS OFR 76-726


I-1329 Map showing recently active faults along the Elsinore and associated faults, California between Lake Henshaw and Mexico. Scale 1:24,000. [1982]
QE89.7 S6 Recency and Character of Faulting along the Elsinore Fault Zone in Southern Riverside County, California. CDMG Special Report 131 [1977]
QE89.7 O64 Seismic Hazards Relating to Geologic Factors, Elsinore and Chino Fault Zones, Northwest Riverside County, California. CDMG OFR 77-4
QE89.7 O64 Geologic map of the Alberhill 7 1/2 minute quadrangle, California. CDMG OFR 92-10


I-741 Map showing recently active breaks along the Garlock and associated faults, California. Scale 1:24,000. [1973]




78-19 Fontana 88-753 Riverside W 90-696 Steele Peak
78-20 San Bernardino S 88-754 Riverside E 90-700 Elsinore
78-21 Redlands 90-693 Telegraph Peak 90-701 Romoland
78-22 Sunnymead 90-694 Cucamonga Peak 92-446 Yucaipa
79-770 San Bernardino N 90-695 Devore 92-587 Murrieta*
        92-688 Lake Mathews*
* Indicates maps not yet published     

CDMG Map Sheet Series

19 Geology of the Lakeview-Perris quadrangles. Scale 1:24,000 [1972]
OLDER USGS Miscellaneous Investigations Series and Miscellaneous Field Studies Maps [I & MF Series]     
I-426 Lucerne Valley [1964]
I-431 San Gorgonio [1964]
I-516 Joshua Tree [1967]
I-517 Morongo Valley [1962]
MF-229 Victorville [1960]
MF-232 Apple Valley [1961]

Alquist-Priolo Special Studies Zones Maps (scale 1"=2000 feet) are available at the Riverside and San Bernardino County Geologists Offices. The Riverside County Comprehensive General Plan Mapping System (scale 1"=800 feet) includes seismic and geologic maps. They are available at the Riverside County Geologist's Office: 4080 Lemon Street, Riverside. Telephone (951) 275-3211.
Fault Zones          
B.E. Haner, 5/95; 11/97

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