Science Citation Index (Print)

Science Citation Index (Print)

Science Citation Index is an index to the most recent, significant international journal literature published in science and technology in over 3200 of the world's major journals.

Web of Science
To find citations of articles written since 1975 – you can use Web of Science. (Guide)

The most important tip for finding the citation information is to choose the "Full Search" to start and then you will have the option for "cited reference" search. It is very important to follow the format instructions given on the search forms.

Science Citation index volumes - Located in Science Library


Each multi-volume edition of Science Citation Index contains four separate but interrelated parts.

    • Source Index - Arranged alphabetically by the authors last name.
    • Permuterm Subject Index - Arranged alphabetically by significant keywords in the article's title
    • Corporate Source Index - Arranged by geographic location or corporate name.
    • Citation Index - Arranged alphabetically by the first author of a known article by patent number. No other reference source offers this kind of indexing.

Source Index
The source index lists, alphabetically by author, articles in scientific journals that were published in a particular period of time. For example the Source Index for 1995 includes authors' names, institutions, and bibliographic citations for articles that were published in all area of science in 1995 and indexed by the Science Citation Index. The citations in the source index also have, at the end of each citation, the number of reference in the bibliography of the article. For example "35R" at the end of the citation means that 35 references were cited in the bibliography of the article.

DELACASINIERE A -------------------------------------------------------------------

SOLAR ENERGY 54-3:173-182
SEE GRENIERE JC     J APPL MET        34 1449 95

Corporate Source Index
The corporate source index consists of two sections - Geographic and Organization. This index is useful to find articles published out of institutions renowned for research in the area or your search

Permuterm Subject Index

The permuterm subject index is a ‘two-word' index. For each year or period of years, it takes the complete title of the articles from the source index and combines in pairs all significant words. Thus, the title "Cloning of Pectate Lyase Genes…" id entered in all possible word pairs: (e.g "cloning-lyase," "cloning-genes," "pectate-cloning," etc…). To use this index, search for word pairs that are likely to occur in the titles of articles related to your topic of interest. This will lead to names of the first authors of articles which contain the words in their titles. Now look up these names in the source index for the corresponding period.


ACUTE ------------ LANDMANJO

Citation Index

This index is the most unique feature of the science citation abstracts. It allows the searcher to find all of the articles that have in their list of references a particular citation of interest. The citation index alphabetically lists the authors and their works, regardless of the date of publication, who have been cited by the authors in the source index. Only the first author of a cited reference is given in this index.

For example, to find articles published in 1988 which discuss Charles Darwin's theories of evolution, look in the 1988 citation index under Darwin C.

                                                              VOL PG YR
DARWIN C--------------------------------------------------------------------------
1837 P GEOL SOC LONDON    2    552    
       JONES AT    SEDIMENT GE    99 233 95

This process allows a researcher to work forward in time from a particular article to find work done in the same area since the article was published.

The ten year cumulations allow the researcher to find all of the articles that build upon the first article for an entire 10 year period. The 1990 ten-year cumulation will contain all of the articles that discuss Charles Darwin's theories from 1980-1989

Final Notes
The bibliographic citations provide complete bibliographic information, but list only an abbreviated form or journal titles. The Guide and Lists of Source Publications is published annually and shelved at the end of all volumes of the Science Citation Index. Refer to this publication to find the full journal title.

For more detailed information, see the instruction page at the beginning of each volume of the Guide and Lists of Source Publications, or consult a reference librarian.

Because Science Citation Index attempts very general coverage of the sciences, it cannot cover all relevant items published in a particular discipline. Supplement your SCI search with the appropriate subject oriented indexes or abstracts, such as Biosis or Medline.

Journal Citation Reports
This annual compilation is used for journal evaluation. It lists the impact factors of journals, most frequently used journals, and other statistics for both cited and citing journals. The UCR Libraries subscribes to the online versions of JCR Science Edition and Social Science Edition.


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