Web of Science  - Citation Searching

Web of Science  - Citation Searching


Why use citation indexes?

    • Discover who is citing your research and how your research is influencing newer research
    • Uncover directions in which research is progressing based on an earlier study
    • Track the work of a noted authority
    • Verify the accuracy of a cited reference that has been listed in a bibliography
    • Analyze the impact of published research
    • Keep up to date with what has been published in your field.

Citation indexes - earlier formats
Print versions ( to 1975) of the citation indexes are held in Science Library Reference collection

1. Go to or select W from the databases A-Z list on library homepage
Click on Full Search from the Main Menu
3. Click on Cited Reference Searching


To find out who has referred the article by G Johanson which appeared in Toxicological Letters in 1995,

1. Click on Cited reference searching from the "full search" menu

2. Use the to find the correct abbreviation for Toxicological Letters (toxicol lett)

3. Enter data as shown below

4. Click "Lookup"

The results:

All of these are for the same article, 6 are cited incorrectly. Select both and click

Results list

Once you have clicked you will see a list of all of the ISI articles that Cite your article(s) or author. Click on the article title to get more information about the article, including the articles works cited list

Marking records for printing, emailing and dowloading

  • Mark selected records, and click submit marked.

Print, email, save and export to bibliographic software

Click on marked list to display the records that you have selected.

  • Choose what fields to include - see the boxes and select a variety of fields. The default is author title and source.
  • Select how you would like the output list sorted.
  • Select of the output options

The saved query function

The saved query option is useful if you want to maintain consistency in your search strategies. The saved query option will keep a record of your search terms.

To save:

  • Click on save query, save the file onto your a drive. This is saved with an htm extension.

To run a saved query:

  • Click on Full search option
  • Click on the box browse button, located at the bottom of the main screen page of WOS
  • Choose the file name and click open query button.
  • Click on Search or Lookup to execute the search.

Note: logout when you have finished searching. We have access for only a limited number of simultaneous users.

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