Subject Guide: Bioengineering- Reference Shelf

Subject Guide: Bioengineering- Reference Shelf

Online Reference Material

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BiomedicalEngineeringHandbook3rdEd cover

The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, 3rd ed. (2006) - Updated and expanded. Three volumes: Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals, Medical Devices and Systems, and Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs. 

BiomedicalEngineeringHandbook cover

The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, 2nd ed. (2000) - Includes thorough reviews of major physiological systems, with complete sections on biotechnology and tissue engineering and includes more than 1,000 figures and tables throughout  approximately 2,500 pages of text and historical treatment of biomedical devices in two volumes.

Biomedical Eng Desk Reference cover

Biomedical Engineering Desk Reference (2009) - A one-stop desk reference with topics including: Biomechanics and Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering; Biosignal Processing; Devices; Imaging; and Ethics.

Biomed Eng&Design Handbk cover

Biomedical Engineering & Design Handbook (2009) - 2nd ed. Fundamentals (Vol. 1): the basics of biomedical engineering, including biomedical systems analysis, biomechanics of the human body, biomaterials, and bioelectronics. Applications (Vol. 2): developments in medical device design, diagnostic equipment design, surgery, rehabilitation engineering, prosthetics design, and clinical engineering.

Standard Handbk of Biomedical Enginering Design cover

Standard Handbook of Biomedical Engineering & Design (2003) - Previous edition to Biomedical Engineering & Design Handbook. Includes: mechanics of the human body; biomaterials; bioelectricity; design of medical devices & instruments; and more.

Physics Human Body cover

Physics of the Human Body (2007) - Covers physical and engeering aspects of human physiology by using and building on first-year college physics and methemantics. 


Encyc_Biophysics cover

Encyclopedia of Biophysics (2013) - Includes both methodologies, such as spectroscopy and imaging, and systems-related topics, such as protien structure and membrane receptors.

Encyclopedia of Industrial Biotech,...Cell Tech

Encyclopedia of Industrial Biotechnology: Bioprocess, Bioseparation, and Cell Technology (2010) - Presents theoretical and practical aspects of industrial biological processes, techniques, equipment, products, as well as ethical and regulatory issues, including pharmaceutical and biologics bioprocess technology,  biopharmaceuticals and the methods to manufacture biomaterials (biofabrication) used in microfluidics, tissue engineering, biosensors, bioelectronics, bioarrays and bionanotechnology.

Medical Device R&D cover

Medical Device R&D Handbook (2005) - Hands-on design and building of medical devices including detailed information on such diverse topics as catheter building, prototyping, materials, processes, regulatory issues, and much more.  Includes glossaries & lists of vendor resources.

Encyc Genetics... cover

Encyclopedia of Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Informatics (2008) - Covers genomics, proteomics, genetic engineering, small RNAs, transcription factories, chromosome territories, stem cells, genetic networks, epigenetics, prions, hereditary diseases, and patents.

Handbook Anthropometry cover

Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease (2012) - An interdisciplinary reference.



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Subject Guide: Bioengineering

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