Background Reading for the EnvE Design Project

Background Reading for the EnvE Design Project

After you have chosen a project or a broad project area, it is important to get some quick background on it.  This can be done with a general Google search, and possibly a look at something like Wikipedia.  However, the library subscribes to two of the finest chemical engineering encyclopedias available and you can get to them online. 

1. The encyclopedia of environmental studies
   Ref TD9 .A84

2. Companion encyclopedia of geography : the environment and humankind
   G116 .C645

3. Conservation and environmentalism : an encyclopedia
   Ref GE10 .C68

4. The Encyclopedia of beaches and coastal environments
   Ref GB450.4 .E53

5. The encyclopedia of ecology & environmental management
   Ref GE300 .E53

6. Encyclopedia of energy technology and the environment
   Ref TJ163.235 .E53 1995

7. Encyclopedia of environmental analysis and remediation
   Ref GE10 .E49 1998

8. Encyclopedia of environmental biology
   Ref QH540.4 .E52 1995

9. The encyclopedia of the environment
   Ref GE10 .E53 1994

10. The encyclopedia of geochemistry and environmental sciences.
    Ref QE515 .F24 1972

11. Environmental planning : a condensed encyclopedia
    Ref HC79.E5 G52 1986

12. Human environments : a cross-cultural encyclopedia
    Ref GF4 .L49 1995

13. McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of environmental science
    Ref QH540.4 .M3 1980

14. McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of environmental science & engineering
    Ref GE10 .M38 1993

15. Encyclopedia of community planning and environmental management
    Ref HD108.6 .S38 1984

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