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Printing at the Library

The Library offers pay-per-page printing at all four locations (Orbach Science, Rivera, Media, and Music) for $0.10/page monochrome and $0.35/page for color. Color printers are located in Orbach Science and Rivera libraries on the first floor. You can print letter (8.5x11") size documents from any library public PC. Double-sided (duplex) printing is available on our black and white printers. After printing from a PC, you have 8 hours to pay for and pick up your documents. We accept UCR R'Card (Bear Bucks) and, in most areas, cash and coin (5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1, $5) for payment. A Bear Bucks loading station is located on the first floor of Rivera Library across from the circulation desk. You can also find a station in the Hub or use the Card Office website (ucrcard.ucr.edu).

Printer Locations

B & W Color UCR R' Card Cash & Coin
Orbach Science Library
Ground Floor Y Y 0
1st Floor Y Y Y Y
2nd Floor Y Y 0
3rd Floor Y Y
Rivera Library
Basement Y Y Y
1st Floor-Reference Y Y Y Y
1st Floor-Circulation Y Y Y
1st Floor-Gov Docs Y Y Y
2nd Floor Y Y Y
3rd Floor Y Y Y
4th Floor
Media Library Y Y Y
Music Library Y Y Y

Send Your Documents to Print

  1. When you're ready to send a document to the printer, click on the printer icon or select Print from the File menu in the application
    - For pdf documents, use the printer icon on the Acrobat toolbar.
    - Use Print Preview to see exactly what you will be printing.
  2. A printer selection box will appear; select your printer.
    - If you need to print in color, select the Library Color printer. Color print jobs are 35 ¢ per page. A color printer is located in the printing bank on the main floor of both the Rivera and Science libraries. (Color printing is not currently available in the Music and Multimedia libraries.)
  3. A popup window will open with two boxes to enter a UCR NetID or Full Name (for example, your UCR Webmail login) and a description of the print job.

    Print Job Details
  4. After entering this information, press the "Print" button. A message will appear on the bottom of the screen with the cost of the print job.

Pay and Pickup

The Print Release Stations will only take cash/coin(s) and/or UCR ID/Bear Bucks Card. 
  1. Walk to any Library print release station in the building (remember not to leave your personal belongings unattended).
    - You will need to select a print release station that supports your payment type: Cash or your UCR R'Card/Bear Bucks Card.
  2. Enter a UCR NetID or Full Name (for example, your UCR Webmail login) that you used for the print job
  3. Your print jobs will appear on the screen.
  4. If you are using a UCR R'Card/Bear Bucks Card, swipe your card on the reader.
    If you are using cash, enter dollar bills or coin(s) in the Coin Box.
    - The amount will show up on the print release station after a few seconds.
  5. Select the print job(s) and click on the print button.
  6. Retrieve your document(s) from the printer.

Printing Documents from a USB Device 

  1. Insert USB device into computer.
  2. Click the Start button in the lower left hand corner of the screen
  3. Select "Removable Disk"
  4. Double click the document you wish to print
  5. Click "file" on the top menu and select print. Enter your unique identifier in the popup and a print job name.


    • Follow instructions above to retrieve your document(s).
    • There are a number of floppy drives for checkout in the Science and Rivera Libraries.
    • The instructions are available with the drives.
    • If you would like to purchase a USB storage device, they are available in the vending machines near the Circulation desks of the Rivera and Science Libraries.


  • Print jobs are stored on the server for 8 hours. After that they are automatically deleted.
  • You must have sufficient money to pay for the entire print job; the printer will not print part of a print job.
  • If you have any problems with the printer, please contact the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk.


Black & White Color
10¢ 35¢

Accepted Payments

  • UCR R'Card(Bear Bucks)
  • Most areas accept cash($1, $5) and coins (5¢, 10¢, and 25¢).


  • Print from any library public PC.
  • Printers are located throughout all four libraries.
  • Color printers are located on the first floor of Orbach Science and Rivera libraries.
  • See maps for more details
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