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Welcome to the LAUC-R website!

The Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC), founded in 1967, is a statewide organization of all librarians employed at least half time by the University. Membership is automatic and entails no dues. In 1975 LAUC was formally recognized as an official unit of the University. The statutory objectives of LAUC are: to advise the University on professional and governance matters, to make recommendations concerning the UC librarians' rights, privileges and obligations, and to promote full use of UC librarians' professional abilities.
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NewMembership (10.12.2015)
New2015-2016 Committee Roster (10.12.2015)
NewMembership meeting minutes(9.11.2015)
NewPD / grant opportunities (9.10.2015)
New2015-2016 Exec. Board roster (9.8.2015)



LAUC-R email address: laucr@liblist.ucr.edu

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