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2004 LAUC Spring Assembly - Preliminary Agenda




Exec. Board Agenda





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Librarians Association of the
University of California
2004 Spring Assembly @ UC Riverside

LAUC Executive Board Agenda
May 14, 2004
San Gabriel Room
Mission Inn
8 AM to 12

  1. Call to Order (L. Kennedy)
  2. Agenda Review
  3. Announcements, Logistics
  4. Secretary's Report (B. Schader): Approval of minutes –4/29/04 Executive Board conference call meeting
  5. Old Business
    1. Assembly Follow-up

      General reactions, issues
      Program: evaluating webcast technology, archiving
      Representatives’ reports: Follow-up issues, if any
      Committee Reports: follow-up issues, if any

      Ad Hoc Awards
      Committees, Rules and Jurisdictions
      Nominating Committee ( E. Grassian)
      Library Plans and Policies
      Position Paper Review Task Force
          Extension of term/future charge/chait
      Professional Governance
      R&PD Committee (T. Huwe)

    2. Distinguished designation next steps/UL’s letter
    3. Timetable and Strategies for Recruiting for LAUC Representatives to UL Advisory Groups: SOPAG, HOPS, CDC
    4. LAUC Webmaster Recruitment
    5. Scholarly Communication Web Editorial Board and LAUC New Horizons in Scholalry Communication web site
  6. New Business
    1. Lettter to ULs re budget
    2. Timing of Fall Assembly
    3. Other?
  7. Adjournment


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