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Committees 1998-1999

Committee on Committees, Rules, and Elections:
Chair: Dick Vierich
Members: Jack Cooper, Sheryl Davis, Jean Griffing

Committee on Cultural Diversity
Chair: Dick Vierich (serving 2nd year of 2 year term as Chair and statewide rep.)
Members: Wally Babcock, Araxie Churukian, Carlos Rodriguez

Committee on Library Plans and Policies:
Chair: John Bloomberg-Rissman (serving 2nd year of 2 year term as Chair and statewide rep.)
Members: Judy Lee, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Lynne Reasoner, Nancy Koller

Committee on Personnel
Chair: Heidi Hutchinson (LAUC-R Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect)
Members: Vicky Bloom, Sid Berger, Romelia Salinas, Ruth Halman

Committee on Professional Development
Chair: Kuei Chiu
Members: Ruben Urbizagastegui

Committee on Professional Governance
Chair: Heidi Hutchinson (serving 2nd year of 2 year term as Chair and statewide rep.)
Members: Jack Cooper, Peter Bliss, Nancy Koller, Kuei Chiu

Committee on Programs
Chair: Peter Bliss
Members: Michele Potter, Steve Mitchell, Lizbeth Langston

Committee on Research
Chair: Pat Flowers (also serving 2nd year as statewide rep.)
Members: Jean Griffing, Sheryl Davis, Judy Lee, Nancy Getty

UCR Academic Senate Committees
Committee on Courses: Vicky Bloom
Library Committee: Myra Appel

Statewide representative to the Scholarly Communication Web Page Editiorial Committee: Pat flowers

Volunteer representative to the UC Preservation Officers Committee: Andrea Vanek - hopes to be LAUC Rep. next year

LAUC-R members who are finalists in the appointments for the UC systemwide committees:
CDC- Myra Appel
HOS � Margaret Mooney


Lynne Reasoner (year 1 of 3-year term)
Jack Cooper (year 2 of 3-year term)
Nancy Getty (year 3 of 3-year term)
Ruth Halman 1st Alternate
Lizbeth Langston 2nd Alternate

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