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LAUC Committee on Professional Governance

LAUC Committee on Professional Governance
Report to the Assembly, December 11, 1998


I. LAUC Professional Governance Committee Survey of Members

II. Salary Restructuring for UC Librarians: A Chronological History

III. Headcount of Librarians (CTO 621) by campus, by rank, by step (Data from Original Document, reported by UCOP in October 1998)--(Update from UCOP in October 1999)--Key

IV. ARL Comparison 8 UC Pac/West Comparison Data (FY 90, 95, 97 data)

V. LAUC Recruitment and Retention Survey Results 11/20/98

VI. CSU Salary Scale Information and 1997-98 Salary Schedule

VII. Table 33, Librarian Series, Fiscal Year (Salary Scale 10/1/8)

VIII. Personnel Program for Staff Members, 1998-99 Salary Grade Ranges

IX. UC Librarians Headcounts from 1987 and 1990

X. Comparisons With Other Academic Non-Senate Series

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