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Committee on Cultural Diversity

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Promoting and Supporting a Set of Core Values Around Diversity, lecture by Dr. Yolanda Moses, June 2, 2005

article by Emily Stambaugh

Dr. Yolanda T. Moses, a renowned scholar and leader in diversity, organizational management and conflict resolution, offered an insightful lecture about diversity on June 2nd. The lecture was broadcast via the web from UC Riverside's Science Library to the ten University of California campuses, local and regional community colleges and other universities. Fifty-two people attended the presentation in person and to date, an additional 67 people have accessed the web cast. The local audience included members of the Riverside community, professors, representatives from student organizations and librarians.


In her lecture, Dr. Moses challenged listeners to think about “Promoting and Supporting a Set of Core Values around Diversity.” As one of the most diverse campuses within the University of California System, UC Riverside is uniquely poised to assume a leading role in the development of programs to build bridges across cultures, ethnicities, races, genders, levels of ability and economic statuses. After her presentation, Dr. Moses engaged in a lively discussion with the audience.


Dr. Moses recently joined the Riverside campus as Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Excellence and Diversity. She is a distinguished University of California, Riverside alumna. The lecture was hosted by the Committee on Cultural Diversity of the Librarians Association of the University of California, Riverside and the Office of the University Librarian.


The lecture follows Chancellor Frances A. Córdova's announcement of a strategic plan to promote diversity at the University of California, Riverside. The Chancellor's vision of a campus actively engaged in diversity programs at the academic level as well as in civic and social organizations in the community is expected to permeate all levels of the University.


Institutional planning has begun to identify areas where UC Riverside can promote diversity in the academic environment and serve as a role model to other universities, communities and organizations. Students, faculty, staff and members of the community are encouraged to contribute to the development of diversity programs.


For more information about the campus' plans, read Dr. Moses', "A Framework for Diversity,” available on the Chancellor's website: http://www.chancellor.ucr.edu/documents/diversity.doc.


The web cast of Dr. Moses' lecture on Tuesday “Promoting and Supporting a Set of Core Values around Diversity” is available on the News and Events section of the University of California, Riverside's library website (http://library.ucr.edu/).



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