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Committee on Diversity
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Annual Reports




Previous Membership and Charges 

Members 2010-2011

Chair: Rhonda Neugebauer
John Bloomberg-Rissman
Judy Lee
Ruben Urbizagastegui

Members 2008-2009

Chair: Krista Ivy
Rhonda Neugebauer
Judy Lee
Kuei Chiu
Ruben Urbizagastegui
Michael Yonezawa
Margaret Hogarth

Members 2005-2006

Chair: Krista Ivy
Sylvia Hu
Rhonda Neugebauer
Emily Stambaugh

Members 2004-2005

Chair: Ying Shen
Rhonda Neugebauer
Melissa Conway
Krista Ivy
Participating member: Emily Stambaugh

General Charge for 2004-2005

For 2004/2005, the Committee is charged with fulfilling its standing charge: The

LAUC-R Bylaws, Article X. Section 1.b, 1. e.8. and LAUC Bylaws Article VIII. Section 1.j.5 provide charges for this very important committee.

Specific Charge for 2004/2005

Systemwide - http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/committees/cd/index.html
Please provide a brief report on the status of diversity of the UCR Libraries

Progress Reports



1992 Many Voices of Diversity Report 

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