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Committees 2014-2015

Committee on Committees, Rules, Jurisdiction, and Elections:
Chair: Sharon Scott [1st year]
Ken Furuta [2nd year]
Michael Yonezawa [2nd year]

Committee on Diversity
Chair and systemwide representative: Carla Arbagey [2nd year]
Christina Cicchetti [2nd year]
Anthony Sánchez [2nd year]
Patricia Smith-Hunt [1st year]

Committee on Personnel:
Chair: Carla Arbagey [1st year]
Patricia Smith-Hunt [2nd year]
Michael Yonezawa [1st year]
Julie Mason [1st year]
Jessica Greene [1st year]
David Rios [ex officio]

Committee on Research & Professional Development:
Chair and systemwide representative: Julie Mason [1st year]
Ken Furuta [2nd year]
Anthony Sánchez [2nd year]
Ying Shen [2nd year]
Jessica Greene [2nd year]
Carla Arbagey [2nd year]
David Rios [ex officio]

Committee on Professional Governance:
Chair: Judy Lee [2nd year] 
Systemwide representative: Sharon Scott [2nd year]
Kuei Chiu [2nd year]
Julie Mason [1st year]
Ken Furuta [1st year]

Committee on Programs:
Co-Chair: Patricia Smith-Hunt [1st year]
Co-Chair: Manuel Urrizola [1st year]
Steve Mitchell [2nd year]
Anthony Sanchez [1st year]
Rhonda Neugebauer [1st year] (for LAUC-R Chair's programs)

Committee on Mentoring:
Chair: Jessica Greene [2nd year]
Krista Ivy [2nd year]
Anthony Sanchez [1st year]
Patricia Smith-Hunt [1st year]

Academic Senate:
Academic Senate Committee on Courses: Carla Arbagey [2nd year]
Academic Senate Committee on Library & Scholarly Communication: Michael Yonezawa [2nd year]

Chair: Michele Potter
Patricia Smith-Hunt
Christina Cicchetti
Marie Bronoel [1st alternative]

Parliamentarian: Michael Yonezawa

Webmaster: Yoko Kudo


Committee Descriptions


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