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Prof. Achievements
Appendix 2


Date Submitted: ______________________
Period Covered:_______________________

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Academic Title (Rank and Step): _________________________________________________

Functional Title(s):_____________________________________________________________

Under each of the criteria listed below, write a narrative summary of the most significant achievements during the review period. See PAM 2.1, particularly Appendix 2, for guidance in what should be included in these summaries.

Criterion I. Professional competence and quality of service within the library:

Appendix 2 - Page 2

Name: ________________________________
Criterion II. Professional activity outside the library:

Criterion III. University and public service:

Criterion IV. Research and other creative activity:
Appendix 2 - Page 3

Name: ________________________________

Plans for growth:

Overall summary of achievements:

_____________________________________ ______________________________ Candidate's Signature Date

_____________________________________ ______________________________ Review Initiator's Signature Date

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