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LAUC-R Future Librarian & Information Specialist Mentor Program
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2009-2010 Mentor Partners: Carla Arbagey and Heidi Hutchinson, Toshu Takamaru and Manuel Urrizola, Michael Yonezawa and Diane Ortiz Zaher,  Vicki Bloom and Tammy Rising, Susan Trujillo and Ann Frenkel. Not pictured are Rhonda Neugebauer and Jessica Greene.



The objective of the LAUC-R Future Librarian and Information Specialist Mentor Program is to support members of the UCR community who are interested in pursuing a career in library and information science. The mentor program provides mentees the opportunity to learn more about careers in library and information science, as well as, professional development activities through relationships with UCR librarians.

Program Goals

1. To provide a support system for members of the UCR community who are interested in pursuing a career and/or coursework in library and information science.

2. To facilitate communication between individuals exploring the profession and academic librarians.

3. To maintain resources and information sources which support the mentor program.

Program Description

The LAUC-R Future Librarian and Information Specialist Mentor Program is an informal and voluntary program designed to provide people from the UCR community who are interested in careers in librarianship or information professions the opportunity to explore various professional fields. The Program will attempt to match mentees with mentor librarians at the UCR Libraries who are able to provide mentoring and advice on selecting and developing careers as well as sharing experience and knowledge of library and other information service jobs.

Mentoring contributes to the professional development of both support staff and librarians and is endorsed by Library Administration; however mentors and mentees must have the approval of their respective supervisors to participate in the program.  Mentoring meetings will be scheduled in such a way not to disrupt ongoing job responsibilities (e.g. approximately one to two meetings per month).  Mentoring meetings are considered professional development release time.

Program Timeline

Mentor and mentee applications accepted in Summer
Mentors and mentees assigned in Fall
Mentor and mentee training in Fall
Program evaluation in Spring 

Jessica Greene, Chair - jessica.greene@ucr.edu
Krista Ivy
Anthony Sanchez
Patricia Smith-Hunt

Ex Officio:

Ann Frenkel
Manuel Urrizola


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