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LAUC-R Local Grants Recipients

Ruben Urbizagastegui: Inca writing: Quipus, Yupanas and Tocapus
Melissa Conway: Using the Schoenberg Database to Track the Movement of Manuscripts in North America

Marie Bronoel: Citation Analysis; UCR Biomedical Program


Steve Mitchell: Cold Hardy Citrus Database and Imagebase
Krista Ivy: A Day Without Art in the Los Angeles Region

Michele Potter: Approachability of the Reference Desk and/or of the Librarians

Ruben Urbizagastegui: Popular Music in El Salvador, 1970-1990

Emily Stambaugh: Usability Research for Microform Collections
Lizbeth Langston: Fred Strickler's "Quotation Marks"
Ruben Urbizagastegui: Popular Music in El Salvador 1970-1990

Lizbeth Langston
Kuei Chiu


Nancy Douglas: Making the History Filmography
Vicki Bloom, Michael Yonezawa and Lizbeth Langston: Usability Assessments of Library Web Site

Nancy Douglas: Making the History Filmography

Lizbeth Langston: Collaboration with Dance Historian Angene Feves, Instruction pour Danser les Danses
Judy Lee: Making a Positive Impression with What You Have poster session
Ruben Urbizagastegui: Author's Productivity in Bibliometrics

Sid Berger: "Continuing the Analysis of the Theories and Practices of Leonard Baskin's Printing"
Vicki Bloom: "Putting the MAGIC back in the MAGician Tutorial"
Kuei Chiu: "Collection Development Practice and Policies in Chinese Academic and Research Libraries"
Kuei Chiu (with co-author Yu-Lan Chou): "Asian Language Newspapers in the United States: A Worldwide Web Project"
Lizbeth Langston "Collaboration with Dance Historian, Angene Feves"

Nancy Getty: "An Interactive Web Tutorial on a Shoestring: Poster Session for LOEX of the West"
Michele Potter: "U-see-R Library Video Conferencing Project"
Carlos Rodriguez and Wally Babcock: "Library Web Site Awareness Survey" Abstract : Report

Vicki Bloom: Damage Control and Staying Alive: How to Work with Computers and Survive poster session
Ruben Urbizagastegui: Popular Music in El Salvador, 1970-1990
Margo Young: Update Records for Electronic Journals in INFOMINE

Sidney Berger: Early Bindings and Printing of Jane Austen's Books

Barbara E. Haner: Multiple Database Searching in the Geological Sciences


Sheryl Davis: Commonly Used Rules of Thumb for Library Disaster Response

John Bloomberg-Rissman: A Study of Katherine Chidley in Her Times

Sidney Berger: A Bibliogrpahy of the Printed Works of Kim Merker

Nancy Douglas: Retrospective Conversion in the PG Classification for Russian Materials
Heidi Hutchinson: Compilation of a Bio-Bibliographical Dictionary of Contemporary Austrian Writers
Carol Resco and Barbara Hunter: Geology of Riverside County: A Bibliography with Subject Index

Patrick Dawson: Book Chapter on REFORMA
Monica Fusich and Loreli Tanji: Project LITCRIT: Implementation of an Expert System for Humanities Freshman Students
Margaret Mooney: Matching Library Holdings Against GPO Tapes: An Investigatory Study
Jeff Sleth: Comparative Study of the Rates at Which British and US Publications Go Out of Print

Patrick Dawson: Two Projects with Colección Tloque Nahuaque UCSB
Heidi Hutchinson: An Examination of Two University Libraries to Assess Changes in the Attitude of German University Libraries Toward the Patron in the Past Ten Years.
Margaret Mooney: GPO Monthly Catalog Tapes
Jeff Sleth: Managerial Ambition

Nancy Douglas: Library Research Guide to Psychology
Nancy Huling: Ethics in Reference Work
David Hunter: English Song Books of the Eighteenth Century: Their Contents, Publication and Description research
Margaret Mooney: Microcomputer-based Automated Depository Item Numbers Database presentation
Heidi Hutchinson and Jeff Sleth: Librarians' Research: A Comparison of Conditions in UC and CSU
Steve Mitchell: Guide to the Literature of Sustainable Agriculture

Gerald Benoit: Annotated Bibliography of Paleography and Lettering
Araxie Churukian: Bibliography on the Communist Party and the Kurdish Question in Iraq
Frank D'Andraia: The Impact of New Office Technology in Academic Libraries
Nancy Koller, Peter Briscoe and Jefferson Sleth: In-House Use Study
Carol Resco: Seed Money for Online File for the Physical Sciences' Library's Geologic Map Collection

Myra Russell and Barbara Montanary: I-AIMS for Science Libraries
Margaret Mooney: Microcomputer for LAUC-R

Laine Farley and Shirley Leung: Subject Enhancement in an Online Catalog: A comparison of the Art and Architecture Thesaurus and the Subject Access Project
Jefferson Sleth: Alternative Lifestyles: A Guide to Research Collections on Intentional Communities, Nudism, and Sexual Freedom.


Margaret Mooney: GPO Cataloging: Is it a Viable Access Tool for U.S. Documents?

Shirley Leung: MARC CIP Records and MARC LC Records: A Study of Their Discrepancies

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