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Award Recipient, Kuei Chiu
(co-author in original project, Yu-Lan Chou)

"Asian Language Newspapers in the United States:
A Worldwide Web Project"


The purpose of this project is to help fund the work of digitizing Asian language newspapers held in California, and to create and maintain a web site available to a broad audience. Initial and partial funding for the pilot project was received from LAUC-Systemwide for 1998-1999. So far, 350 images have been digitized; web design and bibliographical information compiling are under way. By June 1999, a searchable web site with hundreds of selected newspaper images will be available online.

Digitization is costly, and funding is needed now to digitize "Chung Sai Yat Po," a newspaper that has been sited frequently by researchers in Chinese American Studies and that has a publishing history of over half a century. The paper will be digitized from microfilm reels by outsourcing the project to a commercial vendor for professional handling.

The result of this project will be additional digitized images on a searchable bibliographic database on the Internet. Thereafter, researchers across the country will be able to access digitized titles and images easily, remotely and electronically.

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