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Professional Development Funding Timeline
July - Aug. LAUC-R professional development funds are calculated (based on number of librarians and MOU agreement) and approved. Amount of individual allotments are determined and membership is informed of the level of support.
July - May 14

Professional development travel and funding requests can be submitted.

REPRESENTED Librarians: The total amount of funding for professional development and activities at UC Riverside is in the Memorandum of Understanding. Individual allotments are adjusted each fiscal year. Until the individual allotment is determined, authorizations are limited to $500. Funding for individuals is capped at the amount of the determined allotment. Any allotments not used or requested by May 14 will be available for redistribution to represented librarians.

NON-REPRESENTED Librarians: Funds for professional development and activities are provided at the discretion of the University Librarian.
Any allotments not used or requested by May 14 will be available for redistribution to non-represented librarians.

May 15 - Memorial Day
  1. LAUC-R members can resubmit any unfunded amounts remaining on travel and professional development requests for consideration of supplemental funding by the LAUC-R R&PD Committee. Resubmittals should be sent to the Chair of the LAUC-R R&PD Committee.
  2. Firm commitments for professional development activities and travel requests in the next academic year, with pre-registration completed if possible, will also be considered if any unused redistributed funds remain. These awards will not count against a person's allocation in the next fiscal year.


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