Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

There are 6 Ways to Plagiarize:

Learn how to avoid plagiarism

  1. Fraud: Turning in another's work as your own. Outright copying.
  2. Borrowing: Failure to quote or cite another's work
  3. Patchwriting: Using an author's work with synonyms, with or without citing.
  4. Contextual fraud: Deliberately changing words in order to change the meaning.
  5. Too much help: using a tutor or skilled writer to substantially re-write your work.
  6. Inadvertant plagiarism: Not knowing about the need to cite and quote, or not knowing how to cite and quote.

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This exhibit was created on November 30, 2006 and  designed by Debbi Renfrow, Geetha Yapa, Mary Miller and Margaret Hogarth

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