Ethnobotany: Chilies, Cacao and Vanilla

Ethnobotany: Chilies, Cacao and Vanilla


Ethnobotany is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the interaction between plants and people throughout the world and time. It concerns itself with not only how people use plants and what plants people use, but also what people think about plants and how plants affect human cultures and history, all within the context of modern botanical and human sciences (anthropology, biochemistry, botany, linguistics, psychology, plant genetics, et cetera). 
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 Pollinating vanilla flowers, courtesy Pesach Lubinsky

Chiles PowerPoint by Araceli Aguilar Melendez

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Vanilla flower, image courtesy of Pesach Lubinsky Worker at a Vanilla plantation, image courtesy of Pesach Lubinsky Vanilla bean, image courtesy of Pesach Lubinsky
Vanilla flower
courtesy of Pesach Lubinsky
Vanilla plantation
courtesy of Pesach Lubinsky
Vanilla bean
courtesy of Pesach Lubinsky
Cacao tree, image courtesy of Cacao image courtesy of history.htm  Cacao pod, image courtesy of GenusIndex.html
Cacao tree Cacao Cacao pod

Chilies, courtesy of <br>Araceli Aguilar Melendez Chilies courtesy of < br>Araceli Aguilar Melendez
courtesy of
Araceli Aguilar Melendez
courtesy of
Araceli Aguilar Melendez
Chilies courtesy of Araceli Aguilar Melendez Chilies courtesy of Araceli Aguilar Melendez
courtesy of Araceli Aguilar Melendez
courtesy of Araceli Aguilar Melendez


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This exhibit was created on  February 27, 2006 and  designed by Margaret Hogarth and Marie Bronoel
in collaboration with
Araceli Aguilar Melendez and Pesach Lubinsky.

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