Origami Insect Exhibit

Origami Insect Exhibit

Origami Exhibit
Origami is the Art and Science of Paperfolding.  In its pure form, origami uses only a single square of paper and creates an image by folding alone.  These restrictions add to the essence and integrity of the art form.  Nothing is added, Nothing is taken away.  --Robert J. Lang
The first papers that could be folded were made in China about 2,000 years ago.  A Buddhist priest brought papermaking methods to Japan through Korea.  Modern Origami began in the 1950s in England and spread throughout Europe and the United States.  Many cultures include paper objects as part of their traditions.  The paper airplane is a familiar American form.
Origami has made an impact in education, especially in mathematics, geometry, computer graphics, molecular structure modeling, and architecture.  The Origami  Insect Exhibit in the UCR Science Library highlights the work of Dr. Yong-Lak Park, Postgraduate Researcher in the Department of Entomology.  He designed many origami insect forms and published an article titled "Insect Origami: Into the Fold" in the American Entomologist, winter 2003, 4(4):210-214.

Origami Insect Exhibit 1 Cover of American Entomologist Origami Insect Exhibit 2

Origami Insect Exhibit 3 Origami template

Books in the Exhibit

Paper Square Geometry Paper Square Geometry: The Mathematics of Origami
Michelle Yongs, Tamsen Lomeli
AIMS Education Foundation 2000
UCR Educ Serv Textbook K3 A27.20

Origami for the Enthusiast Origami for the Enthusiast, Step-by-Step Instructions in over 700 Diagrams: 25 Original Projects
by John Montroll
Dover Publications, Inc, NY 1979
UCR EducServ Juv TT870 M56 1979
The World of Origami The World of Origami
2nd edition 1966
by Isao Honda
Japan Publications Trading Company, Tokyo, San Francisco
Origami Insects and Their Kin Origami Insects and Their Kin: Step-by-Step Instructions in over 1500 Diagrams
by Robert J. Lang
Dover Publications, Inc. NY 1995
UCR Science TT870 L2616 1995
Origami Paperfolding for Fun Origami Paperfolding for Fun
by Eric Kenneway
Mandarin Publishers Limited, Hong Kong 1980
Origami Origami
by Toyoaki Kawai, edited by Don Kenny
Color Books, Hoikusha
Origami Masterworks Origami Masterworks: Innovative Forms in the Art of Paperfolding
Design and editing Martha W. Longenecker
Mingei International Museum, San Diego 2003
UCR Science TT870 O398 2003

Featured Journal Article

Cover of American Entomologist

�Insect Origami: Into the Fold, Using the art of paper folding to stimulate an interest in insect diversity and morphology�
by Yong-Lak Park and Jeff Bradshaw.
American Entomologist, Winter 2003, v.49, no.4, p.210-214.

Notable Origami Websites

Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA by Eric M. Andersen
Includes pages about origami history and creating origami insects
Joseph Wu's website



This exhibit was developed September 2005 by Marie Bronoel, Science Reference Librarian. Dr.Yong-Lak Park, Postgraduate Researcher in Entomology, designed the exhibit and created the insect origami models.

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