Palm Trees

Palm Trees


Palms have existed on Earth since about 85 million years ago, and are generally found in tropical regions.  However, some palms are found in arid and even cold environments.  There are over 2,800 species of palms found all over the world. 

The variety and usefulness of palms have been of importance to humans throughout history.  Early uses included palms as a construction material.  The trunks of palms could be made into canoes, shelter, and even weapons.  Palm leaves could be woven or thatched for many purposes.  Palms were also a great food source: flower spikes of certain palms produce sugar, palm fruits such as dates and coconuts could be eaten fresh or preserved, and oils from palms could be used for food and industry. 

In modern times, palms have retained the same usefulness.  Coconuts, dates, and sago are still popular food sources.  Palm fibers are used to make rope, fishnets, and even clothing.  One of the most significant uses in modern times of palms is in landscaping.  Palm trees are synonymous with the relaxed, tropical environment, with the lush landscaping of the poolside, and the Southern California landscape. 

Be sure to take a look at some of the informative, beautifully illustrated books and guides on palm trees available at the Science Library. 



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