Wellness is more than just diet and exercise.  What does Wellness mean to you?  What would it look like in your life, and how can you get to a state of personal well-being?

This exhibit encourages the investigation and practice of the many aspects fused under the umbrella of Wellness. Resources in the Orbach Science Library highlight the wide variety of topics related to Wellness, such as: Environmental, Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual, and Occupational Wellness. Together, these seven facets create a picture of the healthy balance each individual needs in order to thrive in life.

Image Alt Text HereEnvironmental Wellness: recognizing the need to treat our planet well and do your part to help conserve and preserve the natural resources around us

Intellectual Wellness: being open-minded about new ideas, exploring new concepts, and becoming a lifelong learner

Emotional Wellness: expressing emotions in a useful or positive way, by both recognizing your own emotions as you experience them and sharing your feelings with others, in order to make sense of whatever life brings you

Physical Wellness: recognizing the importance of being nice to your body, and cultivating healthy habits such as eating balanced meals, exercising regularly, and undergoing routine health screenings

Social Wellness: connecting and building positive relationships with the people that make up your community at home, work, school, etc.

Spiritual Wellness: finding your inner peace, acting in accordance with your values or beliefs, and acknowledging the commonalities between all living things

Occupational Wellness: contributing to both your company and your community, as well as being able to find fulfillment at work while still living a balanced life

Wellness can look different to everyone.  Take some time to think about areas in which you’d like to improve, and start your journey by checking out books like the ones listed below.

Staff and faculty can find additional resources at  Interested students can check out

Click here for the list of books and sources.

This exhibit was created August 2013 and designed by Elisha Hankins and Sarah Brown.

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