Requesting Science, Engineering and Medicine Journals

Requesting Science, Engineering and Medicine Journals

Thank you for you interest in suggesting a title for our collection.  We are happy to receive suggections and will try to move your request throught the approval procedure as quickly as possible. 

In order to process requests for a given calendar year, we need to have the requests by the previous June.  This is because our journal vendor needs to have the orders by September in order to get them started by January.  As a rule we start subscriptions in January or the first issue in a calendar year.

Because our budgetary limitations rarely, if ever, allow us to order all of the journals requested, we need to prioritize and balance the various requests.

If you would like to submit a request, we need from you a paragraph justifying the value of the journal to the campus.  This paragraphy will help us in the prioritization process.

Some factors to consider including in your justification are:

  • The importance of the journal to specific UCR courses
  • Your research interests and how the journal will enhance your research
  • Other faculty members inside or outside of your department who are interested in the journal
  • The relative prestige of the journal in your field
  • Articles you have published in the journal

Other factors we might consider in prioritizing the journal include

  • Cost
  • Faculty involvement in the journal
  • How the journal fits in to our existing collection (e.g. how many other journals we have on the topic)
  • The reputation of the publisher
  • Licensing issues such as interlibrary loaning permissions
  • Electronic availability

Thank you for your interest in helping us enhance our collection.  We will deliberate over the Summer months and let you know the decision inthe Fall.  If your journal is not selected it will automatically be reconsidered in the next calendar year.

In the mean time, we invite you to make use of our Interlibrary Services  which will provide you with any of the articles you would like to see from your suggested journal.  If it is possible to set up a table of contents alert for your journal, you will be able to email the citations for interesting articles directly to the Science Library ILL email address.



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