Automatic Reserve Courses

Automatic Reserve Courses


Determining which Courses need to be on Reserve

1.     Use the Schedule of Classes online and consult with the Reserves Coordinator to determine which courses should have a reserve list. 

2.     Search through the Reserve Book Requests in the Reserves online database to determine which classes do not have a request but need to be on Reserve.

3.     Create a working/rough draft list of these courses for use in determining the textbooks needed. 

Determining which Textbooks should be on Reserve

1.     Go to the website for the UCR Bookstore, and click on “Textbooks” then “Order Textbooks Online.”

2.     Select the term (quarter).

3.     Select the correct course abbreviation from the “Select Departments" box.  (see below)





4.     From the following page, select the course number(s) desired. 

5.     When finished selecting courses, click on “Continue to get course materials” to display the textbooks for the courses listed.

6.     All the textbooks requested by professors teaching the selected courses will be displayed.     

***Please note: the books listed on the Bookstore website should be a GUIDELINE ONLY as the Bookstore does not list all the information for the books (edition, publication date, full title).***

7.     Search for the textbooks in Millennium. 

8.     Note the call number and edition of the book, if owned by the Library.

9.     If the Library does not own the textbooks, or the edition is not current, then the professor must request the textbook directly from Reserves in order for the textbook to be ordered. 

10. Courses from previous quarters may also be used as a guideline for determining which textbooks should be on Reserve.    

Creating Course Records for Automatic Reserve Courses 

1.     All Automatic Reserve Courses must be created before De-processing begins.

2.     Using the information from the Bookstore website and the UCR class schedule, create a course record for all classes for which textbooks were determined to be owned by the Library and need to be on Reserve. 

3.     As there are no requests in the Reserve Database, the request must be entered using the Libraries' website.  To identify these courses as Automatic Reserve, use the reserves e-mail ( or  instead of the instructor's e-mail when creating these requests.   

Adding Items to an Automatic Reserves Course (during de-processing only)

1.     As most materials for Automatic Reserve Courses are on Reserve in successive quarters, it is easiest to process these materials just after they have been de-processed.  Please refer to Deprocessing: Materials on Reserve the Following Quarter.  

2.     If the materials are not currently on Reserve, they must be pulled from the Stacks or recalled, following Reserves Procedures for Creating a Course Record, Adding (Attaching) Items to a Course Record.


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